Mannitol and gut health

Hi all. I'm just about to jump onto the Mannitol track but have one doubt and I wanted to clarify this before I go for it (I'd be happy if anyone had thoughts/observations). Mannitol is sweetener right? All the reading I've done on gut health infers that certain products need to be removed for the biome to be restored to health. These are, predictable, wheat, dairy and sugar, and sweeteners are implicated to be just as damaging. So I wonder if Mannitol might alleviate symptoms at some level but maintain damage at another. Thanks to all with insights.

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  • I say try it for a few months and see how you do. It isnt going to hurt you.

  • Diabetics use mannitol in cooking. I have taken Mannitol for a year. Use in bread recipes and morning coffee with coconut oil. Something helps me continue my daily walk. Probably a combination of strategies and just pure luck. I have to say swimming so far helps stability, mood and like a massage keeps the body fluids in balance. Each day is different.

  • I've been taking Mannitol now for about 13 months. I haven't had any complications besides occasional gas and I definitely believe it has slowed or at the very least held progressive negative symptoms to a stable level. Go for it I say!

  • Thanks guys. Good to hear your thoughtsūüėä

  • I've been taking mannitol for 5 months without any noticeable adverse effects. I've also been thinking about how it affects gut flora and came across this not very scientific but encouraging statement "The evidence that Mannitol supplementation is indeed working as a good prebiotic in PwP is that it tends to generate a lot of gas, which is a good sign that gut bacteria are active and reproducing!"

    See link

  • Good to read the above faridaro as I too had certain reservations about Mannitol (as per jeeves19 ).

    Incidentally does anyone know the difference between Mannitol and Trehalose? From what I've read it seems Mannitol is promoted to help Parkinson's and Trehalose for Ataxia. Since my husband seems to have more ataxic-like symptoms (although diagnosed 12 years ago with PD), he is now trying Trehalose as the Mannitol didn't seem to do much other than give him an upset stomach at very small doses.

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