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% Dopa in Mucuna

Hi gang. I'm trying Mucuna recently. Haven't really noticed much difference but I've only flirted with the capsules, not the powder. I think I'd like to give the powder a go but am startled at the range of % of dopa that seems to be available. What % is properly efficacious and - if you're UK based - maybe you could point me in the direction of a supplier's website.

Many thanks to any respondents.

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Hi Jeeves, I have successfully swapped half my synthetic ldopa for mucuna, so far. I have chosen a 15% ldopa capsule because you then get lots of other ingredients that benefit parkinsons's. I buy Solaray DopaBean from an American firm iherb.com which provides 50 gms ldopa per capsule. I'm feeling better on more natural less synthetic ldopa.


How is it going? does it work?


From what I'm hearing, you can only properly substitute the L/C for Mucuna if you go down the 98% route. But I'm hearing also that if you augment L/C with 98% it has led to dyskinesia in some cases as the body has been flooded with too much. Problems problems! Maybe Dap has the balance right?


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