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More about Hinz

It might be a good idea for anyone contemplating the Hinz protocol to peruse this record of Hinz's treatment of patients, resulting in the loss of his license to practice medicine. If the protocol works, it works, and whatever is in his past doesn't change that. But it's worth getting the whole picture: casewatch.org/board/med/hin...

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Let me rephrase that. His license wasn't revoked, but suspended. He was instructed to take several steps to regain his standing. This was in Minnesota.


Certainly worth noting, "the board has taken several disciplinary actions against (Hinz], starting in 1996 when it suspended his license after he was hospitalized in Duluth for bipolar disorder with sleep deprivation. Later actions show continued concern over his ability to practice. It suspended his license again in 2001 after a skills audit 'identified concerns with [his] medical knowledge, prescribing practices, competency, and recordkeeping,' but stayed the suspension contingent on his full compliance with the terms, provisions and deadlines set by the board. The license was reinstated in 2005."

Source: startribune.com/fda-acts-ag...

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