coconut oil and parkinsons

hello-does coconut oil can makes the parkinsons symptoms get better i read some comments for 2 or 3 ppl said that the tremmor increased after using coconut oil .what will happen if i stopped using coconut oil does the symptoms will be worse than before-can i eat it as it is or should i dissolve it in a cup of tea or coffe finally can u tell me ur benefits from coconut oil

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  • Youre going to hear all kinds of opinions on coconut oil. As for me, as much as i want to love it, I've been slugging it down daily for three years, on and off, and dont notice any major benefits.

  • I used coconut oil for about 6 months. I felt no effects from it. I believe that the positive effects of coconut oil on Parkinson's symptoms is a myth.

  • but u get better right even if its minor benefit .does it is good for slow movment

  • Just because it does not work with you does not mean it is a myth. For instance cannabis seems to work fine with some people. It does not work with me though. But am not calling it a myth

  • I take coconut oil in cooking and heaping it on top of food- I have not found a huge difference and my thinking is...if coconut oil works then people from islands that eat coconuts in large doses would have less incidence of Parkinson's - now that's a research avenue for a budding phd student😀



  • Can you send me a link to your reading please


  • Does nothing for me

  • Coconut oil , another one . Oh well, We have done this before many times , for many years , If Coconut oil worked to help PD than I would already have purchased a coconut grove and every one here would be taking it. Sadly it does not. Interesting though how placebos do work in PD, but its all in your head , which of course is also where the PD is. Confusing isn't it . If you like it , take it, but many of us spent money and tried to no avail so dont expect much support. Chocolate , donuts , coffee or beer would be money better spent.

    I was just thinking they put chocolate on donuts , why not coffee and beer together MMMMM

    Enjoy yourself, its later than you think


  • Everybody's case is unique, in many ways. We all present with variations of symptoms to various degrees. There are a multitude of causes for the disease as well, from insecticide to genetic factors, trauma, drugs, old age, etc. So its no wonder some remedies work for some people and not for others. Try them all and see what works for you. Consuming coconut oil is very low risk so.... enjoy!

  • so theres no side effect of using coconut oil daily ?

  • My understanding is it coconut oil is not very good for your arteries or cholesterol and you would do better to be using olive oil.

  • Coconut oil is good for your arteries and does not cause heart disease. It turns up your metabolism since it is not stored as fat.

  • Coconut oil claims a overall effect for diabitis Paralysis et including Parkinson.I experienced rise in eight so I stopped.Fresh coconut with joggery helps me to switch on to the effects of LD/CD at early and smoothly.I take about 15 after 20-25 gms after tablets.

  • can i take it as it is and does it have side effect i want it to help me with slow movment

  • Supposedly, coconut oil is good for the brain. Since PD is a problem with the brain, I figure it can't hurt and may have some benefit, even if too subtle to notice.

  • Coconut oil is a food that can help some people with symptoms of varying degrees. The theory is that the brain can use the ketones produced from metabolizing coconut oil (most ketogenic of all foods) as an alternative fuel source to glucose, that allows the brain to function better.

    I was lucky enough to see some improvement with coconut oil, but I continued researching and learned that the ketogenic effect of coconut oil is a very small part of the whole question of your body's metabolism and how it reacts to various diets. What you really need to do is shift your complete diet to ketogenic, in order to maximize the ketones. This is done by shifting away from carbohydrate consumption (usually less than 30g per day) and moderating your protein consumption and increasing your fat consumption to provide the necessary calories. Now it not hard to see that introducing a few tablespoons of ketogenic oil to your diet is not going to necessarily have much of an effect on your overall metabolism.

    The shift away from carbohydrate consumption, and moderating your protein consumption subdues your body's necessity to produce insulin. Low insulin allows your body to produce ketones, which your brain can use.

    Given the variety of brain damage sustained and diets followed, it is not surprising that people have various success with coconut oil. Coconut oil is a good place to start changing your diet, but it is only the beginning.

  • Coconuts have long been used for their medicinal purposes.... case in point....

  • Normally we use carbohydrates as our first source for fuel to create energy. If we cannot do that (not enough carbs in diet or inability to access or use them to make fuel), we resort to fat and if that doesn't work, protein. We don't want the last choice as proteins are the building blocks for cells.

    In my husbands case, he apparently had an inability to process carbs properly. There are a number of recognized genetic metabolic diseases which can cause this but he didn't fit exactly into any of those categories. That simply means that no one has isolated and named them all. We didn't need a name to know that condition existed. I studied polysaccharide myopathy in horses and saw easily that Don had something very similar so we developed a treatment based on the equine carbs, high fat of a certain type, limited but regular exercise...nothing strenuous. It was so long ago I could not determine which fat to use (horse feed companies make a no carb/hi fat feed especially for this condition but he didn't fancy eating horse feed). I started with rice bran oil but later, after talking with Mary Newport, changed to coconut oil. I had the advantage of having studied coconut oil ketones on the keto diet to treat seizures in our grandson.

    Immediately upon the use of coconut oil, Don's energy level rose dramatically. That is not to say immediately after swallowing as it takes several hours to kick in but the 'general' use of it.

    This was further evidence to me that Don had a problem accessing carbs for energy and that he was getting them from coconut oil. He actually got so much energy that it was rather stunning. The down side was that along with all that additional energy, his tremor increased. That told me that the energy deficit was running alongside the PD. I do not think the oil CAUSED the increase, it just gave his whole body more energy to do whatever it was going to do. He did not have a major tremor problem most of the time, just with eating.

    So the take away from this was that the oil affected his PD symptoms but as a result of treating a different condition.

    Don had a heart condition brought on by atherosclerosis and panic- induced hardening of the heart walls. During his last months, he was cared for 24/7 by aides as I am 82 and was unable to move him as his frailty increased. It was interesting that all his aides swore that the coconut oil made a huge difference in his energy level right up to the end. He took 2 T. Warmed oil down the hatch every four hours.

    One can get more highly concentrated effect of the ketones by using MCT oil but the risk with it is the possibility of flatulence...a lot of it. Some people get this from coconut as well.

    So my theory is that ketones work for some people who need them but not for others. If you access and use carbs normally, maybe you don't need an additional source for fuel. I hope those of you who think they 'don't work' will understand that there are many factors and systems involved in evaluating and treating the body...there is integration among the systems causing one to affect others.

    Hope this helps.

  • Kudos for excellent explanation.

    My writings on how to avoid hardening of the arteries and osteoporosis:

    Vitamins and Minerals for Bone Health and Reduced Risk of Cancer

    Vitamin K: Unsung and Essential

    Details of the vitamins and minerals that improve bone strength, reduce fracture risk, prevent hardening of the arteries, improve cardiovascular outcomes, and reduce cancer risk.

  • I have been using coconut milk for 18 months.... two tablespoons with cereal at breakfast . what it does to my brain I don't know but it does help to gently reduce the chances or incidence of constipation

  • I do not know if it is helping my brain but it is helping to break up that stubborn Belly Fat, which is great incentive for me.

  • Coconut milk or oil? You doing anything else in addition?

  • Oil, I started to put on weight when I was put on Zoloft. 20 lbs later I added coconut oil to my morning oatmeal and dropped my caloric intake by a couple of hundred.

  • I think it helps with my constipation.


  • I take it in coffee - I think it helps. Agree ketogenic diet good way to cope with Parkinson's. Apart from anything else it is difficult to get enough energy from fats ( how much bacon, olive oil and avocado can you eat?), so this helps. The other problem with high fat is the high protein element which strains the kidneys somewhat.

  • It is my understanding that coconut oil has a complex structure but a melting point of apx. 80 degrees F. It dissolves other fats but will remain fluid at 98.6 degrees F.

    I do believe that many women take off their water proof makeup with it because it is so efficient.

  • I've been taking coconut oil (off and on, but mostly on) for years. The only effect I know for sure it has on me is that it causes me to loose weight when I take it daily. I've had a 30 pound unintended drop in weight in the last 6 months, and my doctor has said I must not loose anymore weight. So, I've recently stopped the coconut oil. I haven't noticed any effect on the PD yet. I'm still using it on my face and hands, as it is great for the skin.

  • I use a lot less chapstick since adding coconut oil to my diet. I use to go through a tube a week before.

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