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My husband with Parkinson's has days when he feels totally as though he has hit a wall.(on a camping trip he woke up thinking he was being bombed by North Korea during such an event) It seems to be stress related. He walks around confused and has trouble breathing.Last night he couldn't relax.this had gone on all day. He tried khis Sinemet which took forever to kick in,wine, a sleeping pill and back rubs. Finally I said, why don't you try some marijuana? He did; this is home grown, simple stuff. Regular THC. I saw him take 3 puffs.

Within minutes, he was breathing normally and went to sleep.

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Whatever works I guess! I use small amount of cannibis to give me a great sleep. I -2 puffs at night in a vapourizer. Stops my yelling out with R.E.M. Sleep disorder.

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That is interesting! He's tried fancy edibles and the vape pens.( CBD and THC). This time it was plain old marijuana my son grew in his house, legally. I was going to try making canna butter, but I'll probably never get around to it. We are in California.


Check online recipes for making cbd oil out of plant.


thanks, I will do that.


I also think he is having panic attacks and needs to learn to breathe in and out correctly, according to my daughter who is a speech therapist. Maybe that's one reason breathing in the pot helps?


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