Donepezil - has anyone tried this med for brain fog and to help with walking? does it affect your sleep?

I was given this med by my dr. to help with my brain fog and my gait in walking.

He started me on a very low dose 5mg, and i have only been on it a few days. However, i seem to be sleeping in a deeper(stranger) sleep, but my mind feels awake. i know it sound crazy, but sometimes I will think to myself: Wow! i sound like i am in a deep sleep, but i know if i had to open my eyes i could. So I will say to myself move your left hand, and i can. I am defenitly more tired in the morning.

Has anyone had this sleep problem with this or a different medication?

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  • Yeah this is fairly common among someone taking that type of medicine. I think you'll be fine though. This particular effect with sleep may eventually decrease as your body becomes adjusted to the drug.

  • How does Donepezil help with movement

  • Thank you for your positive thoughts.

  • Has it helped your walking?

  • It has not helped me with walking (yet - bt hope that it does), as i have only been on it 6 days. I am not sure how it helps with movement, however i did find a clinical study phase 4 called The Effect of Donepezil on Gait and Balance in Parkinson's Disease

    I just have not found any results on it. My Dr said it takes about 6-8weeks to see any improvement. So here is to positive thinking.

  • Has the Donepezil helped you in any way?

  • O I’m sorry I’m posting in the wrong place. Trying to figure out how to run this.

    Anybody have experience coming off of Sinemet? Quitfor a day and feeling pretty good. I’ve been doing 25/100 3 Times a day plus ER at bedtime

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