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Ropinorole restored sense of smell for me.


Much to my surprise and delight, I've discovered that Ropinerole restored my sense of smell to nearly 100% after just two weeks on it. I thought I would share this early development with you all in the hope others experience the same benefit.

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Thank you for the good news.

May I ask you for how long you had lost your sense of smell ?

It's been some years--it could be 5-6 years or maybe as many as 10. I'm not terribly good at remembering these things. But it has come back to normal and it is a joy.

Good luck!


Wow congrats @jenniferdunstan Is this a landmark discovery - a first, I wonder? Now it follows that your sense of taste may stay intact as well ;)

I will tell my neurologist the good news when next I see her in Sept. mid-month. Not only have I regained my sense of smell, I've been able to get myself weaned off Pramipaxole and Amantadine. Now down to Sinemet -5 25-100s a day, and 2 mg Ropinerole once daily.

It's nice to be able to take fewer that's for sure.


That is such great news! 😀

Yes, it's is a wonderful change for me.

Thank you!

That's great news!

Can you tell us for how long you've lost your sense of smell? When it started? Many years ago?

My husband lost his sense of smell in the 90-ies and tastes salty, sour, sweet, bitter and umami.

Thank you for your reply and all the best, Monika

I would estimate my loss of smell became noticeable about five-six years ago. I was diagnosed with PD in 2009 however I could certainly still enjoy sweet and salty things. What I missed was not being able to smell the scent of flowers or the aromatic air I live in - oddly enough the desert Southwest where there is little moisture in the atmosphere.

All good wishes to your husband, I hope it works for him, should he try it.

Thank you for taking the time and answer my question. Sense of smell is something we don't pay much attention to untill we have such a moment of surprise, mostly in nature for me at least. Memories come up from childhood because of a scent. I truly hope you keep your sense of smell and that you do well with the disease. All the best, Monika

Hi Jennifer

Good to read your post. Hoping you can update on your progress re Ropinerole and taste. I’m really hoping you are doing well 🌻

I feel heartbroken for my dad (78) who can’t taste or has a bad taste. He is on madopar but we don’t see much improvement after 9 months, for any of his symptoms. Seeing his PD doctor early February so I’m hoping to go with my dad with a few suggestions to explore. Feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused trying to figure out what we should try. But it sounds like you might have tried a few to find the one that works for you?

Update: some four months after regaining my sense of smell to a large extent, I'm sorry to say my ability to smell/taste has regressed back to its previous levels, pretty much. Sad, but it could be worse...

Also, I'm concerned about a strange, leopard skin kind of mottling of my skin on my legs. Very odd and unsettling. it's due to either the Amantadine or Ropinerole because prior to using them my skin was fine. I'm just hoping this isn't a reaction to taking Sinamet. Has anyone experienced this mottling?

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