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Ĺiviñg with pd 20 years on

This is for the carer's and how your life must of changed since your partner got pd my wife left 3 years ok leaving me with 2 kids dog and pd looking back at first I couldn't believe it but she said I had changed so much from the man she married and loved that she no longer new me and she was right the problem is pd sufferes won't admit they have they still think there the same person but this diese is sneaky it slowly changes you so you don't realise and by the time you do to late so to all pD suffer 's spare a thought for the person looking after you it's not only you who suffers every day and to the carer's if you look hard enough you may just find that person you fell in love with they are still there some where so stay strong together put the pd in a box throw away the key and live life to the max because don't forget there's always some child teenager adult who's life is a lot harder than yours

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I think you are right to say pwp may not be the easiest of partners. Those of us with PD need to remember our 'p's and q's'.

I have PD, and sometime feel my husband has a worse deal. He now does far more than his fair share of chores and errands, and our activities are paced so I can keep up. Not what he was expecting in his retirement.


Thank you for this. I especially needed it today! God Bless You!!!


Glad I could help keep mobile


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