Bathroom visit 5x per night

For the last 6 months I have been going to the bathroom 5x per night which has affected my sleep immensely. The urologist wants to do a test to see if its a prostate issue or Parkinson's related. Not sure the actual name of the test but they fill up your bladder with fluid and then they can determine which it is. Has anyone had this test or suffers from this? It only happens at night even if I don't have anything to drink after 5pm I'm still up 5x per night...........

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  • All very normal. The prostate needs to be checked first other wise it's nocturia bladder urgency at night. There are continence nurses who can advice on this in the uk. Other wise treatments such as oxybutinin can be used which do not upset pd medications

  • Thank you I will look into oxybutinin

  • There are many options but your urologists will advice once they have excluded any underlying prostate issues.

  • Oxybutinin is a anticholinergic. See this paper as there are associations with increased dementia risk

  • Thanks for the heads up

  • This bladder test they want to do will rule out prostate issues if they exist. I do have an enlarged prostate but the urologist said it normal for my age I'm 60. I think it could be a Parkinson's symptom

  • Probably is the Parkinson's as night time frequency is a secondary symptom of PD. I have the same 6 X a night. I had that test and was given myrbetriq 50 mg a month ago for OAB...over active bladder. It works well but a side affect is constipation and I couldn't tolerate that after 4 days. So I cut the pills in half. Still the same but cut in fourths improves my frequency 50% and no constipation. A little l-dopa or sinamet also helps. But I've just read here on this site that macuna puriens works well for sleeping. I've just ordered that so I'm hoping to get a better sleep. Hope this helps...just keep reading and searching

  • Thanks Beverly I appreciate the feedback. I'm going to have the test done.

  • This used to happen to my father, have they checked your kidneys???

    All forms of pharmaceutical medications are acidic.

  • I suffer from kidney stones so they check for stones every 6 months or so. What was wrong with your dads kidneys? What should they check for? Thanks

  • I know exactly what you are going through. I was diagnosed with PD three years ago. About five months ago, I started going through what with what you experiencing - having to pee every 5 - 7 times a night. I was so tired every morning. My family physician said it was probably my prostate, which is common among men around my age - 70! He suggested taking Tumalosin (Flomax), It worked immediately . . . now going pee once, sometimes twice a night. The Flomax is very compatible with my PD meds ( amantadine, clonazepam, carbo-levo). I also have chronic constipation, and I asked my doctor if I could try Linzess (290) - and that took care of constipation. I now have a flat belly and have lost major weight. This may not happen for everyone, but it worked for me.

  • Thanks I really don't want to any more medication but I may try flomax if it's prostate related. It sure is tough getting old lol. Thanks again

  • Let us know how it goes. I only mentioned my meds to state that the Flomax is compatible with other meds.

  • I had the same issues earlier. Myrbetriq 25 mg extended release tablets , once a day fixed most of the problems. Most other urinary problem medications has dementia risk. This one doesn't as it works in a different path. The medication is pricey, but worth its benefits.

  • Im not familiar with this drug but I will research. Thanks for your response.

  • Unsweetened organic cranberry juice helps to calm it. Totally tart but its better than peeing all night!

  • Thanks for the suggestion I will give it a try.... have you tried it with a little vodka? I'm serious I like a pop in the evening.

  • lol! No, hard liquor gives me restless legs.

  • I had visited a urologist .He did tha tests you mentioned.He did the operation called involvedtaking out the inside content of the prostate gland.

    it did not resolve my problems with frequent need to peeand I am now taking the pills which my family Doctor gave me called Flomax.

    I recently discovered a natural medication calledd"ProBladder" made by Naka.i would try this before allowing the Urologistto do the Operation.

  • Thank you for you input. I would never have the operation! I will definitely look into probladder thanks again


  • I had it, it's not really pleasant test but nothing to be really afraid of either. I'm incontinent, so I basically lost bladder control totally so I'm pissing to my diapers all night and still having good sleep. Waking up to toilet so many times during night might be bad, I feel sorry for you but there is a great chance that it's only temporary and I really wish it will be. If you feel to start losing control of your bladder, then I can only say that it's not as bad as you think, getting a good, comfy diapers will immensely help you and you grow used to it pretty fast. I hope it's nothing serious!

  • Thank you Ben diapers will be the last resort

  • I'm 37. Diagnosed a year ago. I have this at night too. It's crazy.

  • Thanks Jamielee crazy is a good description

  • If you don't have any problems in the day, Desmopressin may help to slow the urine production at night. But as the other posts have said, you need to wait for the results of your test.

  • Thank you suehill for your input. I'm going to have the test and see what it indicates. Will let you know what direction I will take.

    Best wishes Mark

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