Amantadine time-released - drug for dyskinesia has been approved

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  • Despite MJFF supporting this research I am skeptical about a timed release version of amantadine being any more effective than regular amantadine. I know there is new research but it feels like an opportunity for big Pharma to patent a new version of an old drug for $$$. I hope I am wrong and the new formulation offers relief to the many who have tried it before (with no good response) in addition to the many who will ask for the "new" version.

  • If you are older don't they warn you against taking amantadine?

  • My mom with PD is in her 80s and tried it a year or two ago. It did nothing for her. My neuro has suggested it (not recommended) as something to try. I've declined so far. I received an email from my aunt this morning with this same link. Her husband (my maternal uncle who also has PD) takes amantadine 3x and looking at the new version since it would only be 1x pill.

    I've not heard that it's not rec for older people.

  • I agree. Sound like a giant money grab and no real benefit.

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