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Traveling with PD

Does travelling cause anyone problems? The stress of flying and living in you a different place.

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Yes, especially when I change time zones. It takes a couple of days to readjust my meds. The activities at the airport, changing planes, getting thru security, etc., can sometimes be stressful. My digestive system also gets more out of whack. Vacations used to be more relaxing, but now they are a little more stressful than I would like.


More stressful than therapeutic.


Same for me. Drinking plenty of water helps, getting to the airport early to avoid stress, avoiding rich food, alcohol, and if changing planes, allow enough time between flights to eat and visit a real bathroom. I learned the hard way that red eye flights are not for me!


Yes- Yes - Yes - yes


PUT your medications in two location in case you loose your luggage


It is more complicated than when in good health - but with good forward (written) planning it's more fun than staying at home! I travelled to WPC in Portland last year, as did hundreds of other pwp. The flight from UK to Portland was 13 hours (and 7 time zones). After the conference, travelled by train across Canada before flying home from Toronto.

My advice: Travel with someone.

On flights, book an aisle seat (with extra legroom if pos).

Book 'assistance' at all airports you pass through, so someone helps you all the way.

Be aware of airport security rules when you pack hand luggage - liquids, computers, walking sticks etc. may have to be unpacked for X-ray. You may need to remove coat, shoes, belt and pocket contents.

Take sweets to suck in case you need meds while you are in a 'no liquids' area.

Take lots of spare meds, and a copy of your prescription.

Get an 'alarm' watch for your med times. On my journey (above) I kept on Uk time throughout as I couldn't cope with the maths of multiple changes!

Enjoy! Enjoyment is the best de-stressor.

Hope this helps. I'm off to Ireland next month - by coach and boat.


Great advise! My thankd


I have my 50th high school reunion coming up next month but I don't want to go. I would if I could take a week on the road coming and going. But no one in my family is up for it. It's only 2 time zones!! I just know that the flight would take me days to adjust both ways.... not worth it.


Could you hire a family member (niece or nephew) to drive you? So sorry you may miss this special event.


Hi Cindy, l don't think I can travel alone. My levedopa seems to be off by my mid afternoon dose. My swelling is different during the afternoon. I see the Dr tomorrow.

Thank you for your text.


I thank all of you for sharing your wisdom.


I'm in the midst of a trip and am feeling the effects of just one glass of wine on the plane and a 16 oz Black and Tan beer🥃🍷

Clearly for me I must abstain to fully enjoy

Every thing else is going well


I have stopped travelling completely. Easier that way :)


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