SHmptoms of PD

I was diagnosed because of my resting tremor and reducing size of my handwriting facial expression and lack of swing in my left arm. I gave the specialist my electronic diary of symptoms. She said it was not relevant. Now left wondering what the symptoms are . This morning I have had tension in my left scalp side of face, lack of balance and muzzy head. Felt like sitting down but decided to keep going. Feel better now. Are these symptoms because I don't know.

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  • Keep moving as it always makes me feel better

  • Sometimes moving makes me worse then if I keep going I get better. Having to do a lot of bending makes it worse.

    Aim for 5000steps a day

  • You will probably get all sorts of aches and pains - some due to PD, and some due to inactivity. Keep moving!

    See lists of symptoms at:

  • Not relevant! I find that very denigrating. The symptoms you list here are pretty classic. Has this doctor prescribed you any meds, and if so, did they work?

  • Sinimet. Big difference. More energy. Then they tried to put me on one that they said was the same but just a different name. Didn't work as well. Not as even Had a stand up discussion with a pharmacist in the doctors surgery. I felt that ' if it's the same it would have the same name'. She made me feel v small but I was v calm. Had to give in. She said something like an attitude like mine would bankrupt the NHS. At my next 6 week doctors telephone appointment I was able to describe my difficulties with enough clarity to be put back on Sinimet. Yay. Because the tablets were wearing off my doctor wrote to the specialist for permission to increase the dosage so now on 4 a day and have much better quality of sleep. Still waiting for specialist appointment.

    Picked up off this site that Vit D can be a prob so asked for a test

    Vit D was dangerously low so taking tablets for 2 months to see what happens asked for B6 test but NHS won't do that unless asked for by specialist

  • I think Becky's comments are right on. Sorry but Your symptoms are classic especially the small handwriting. You need a different doctor. Get a referral from a PD group like APDA

  • Hi there. What is APDA

  • American Parkinson Disease Association

  • Are you seeing a Movement Disorder Specialist? If not try to see one.

    Perhaps your doctor meant they were irelivant because you were already diagnosed?

  • It was the specialist at the only appointment I had with her. Gave and saw the movement disorder specialist. V helpful.

  • Hi M-o-ggy. If you want to know more about symptoms of Pd, then look at my profile and goto my website, which contains a list of over 40 symptoms and lots more info on Pd.

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