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Hello, I'm new on here. I was diagnosed 5 mo ago. My emotions are so up and down.. is depression normal!

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Yes, I do believe depression is, in many cases, normally associated with the process of neuro-degenerative disease, such as PD. Making an appointment with a licensed physician, who could help with the emotional ups and downs of dealing with PD, would be a suggestion for you. In my case, I have PD and have experienced anxiety and depression.

Yes, in part because of the parkinson's (and probably lack of sleep), in part because of the newly uncertain future that you face. You have come to the right place though as I believe that there are many things which others have tried which have helped them to stop and even reverse the worst of their symptoms.

If you can go through each of the posts and see what has worked for them.

For me exercise (as much and as varied as you can), coconut oil ( in coffee) and mannitol have helped my symptoms for now. I was completely scared and depressed, but now feel much better. And a positive attitude in itself can really help (hence all the "promising" studies that subsequently fail the placebo test).

The more exercise you can do the better. The less fast carbs you eat the better.

I may be being a bit premature here (as I have only had symptoms for about a year), but I really believe that there is a lot of stuff outside of medicine that can really help, but because this is all food-based and therefore there is no profit in it for big pharma it is not generally recommended by doctors.

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I think being on here will help me so much... just knowing I'm not alone. I just came from seeing Bullet(horse), and he calms me down. I'm better now, but really enjoy meeting you!

It's helped me being on here it's not all doom and gloom, just people like us trying to get on Parkinson's and all.

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My first reaction was "Oh shit". Then I compared myself to those in Africa and the Middle Ages and how they are/were lucky to make 40. It's still not an ideal scenario. But since then I have become more optimistic as I have managed to stop some of the more annoying symptoms. Anyway to bed. Sleep is soo important.

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Gah! I had a terrible night's sleep and the tremors were back. I blame the wine and spending too much time on the computer (beer I find is much better - especially if you can find a hoppy ale - which is probably better for post-menopausal women too).

It's a proven fact that horses make you feel better

I went through the depression before I was diagnosed.

I have an awful habit of looking ahead to the future. I panic when I think about it. Does the meds slow it down or just help with the tremors, etc

No, the meds do not slow down the future. Just kidding.... I do believe that we are on the cusp of a marker. In 2001 Space Odyssey the Markers are Obelisks, in mathematics it is great thinkers, I personally look to the Jewish Markers or Feast Days. It is interesting that Islam has markers too. When I am properly medicated I can talk about these things without freaking out but If I have to speak with an audience ( forget about it !!!!!! ) I will forget actual family's names.

Yes, my speech is off. I know in my head what I want to say but can't get the words out. My memory is horrible

No, I am not Glenn Beck, even though he has had some mental issues of late but I swear he is here reading my posts....

I keep saying Challenge yourself, push your boundaries. Prove all things, hold fast to that which is good. As a Christian I have ruffled feathers taking on family and friends on the medical marijuana debate. I too believe that we might have to look at alternative medicine in the future. That is why I am sharing my experience with those in the Parkinson's family.

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I think that NAC helps with the mental clarity side of things. You might want to google NAC and Parkinson's and consider if you want to take this supplement.

I take 2 600mg twice a day whether I need it or not. No seriously, do I need it or not?

My integrative GP, who is a bit crazy, is a big fan of this, as well as glutathione injections. She has upped my NAC intake to the same dose as you. However in order for it to make glutathione you also need glutamine (I take a supplement) and glycine.(apparently I have enough of this so don't need to supplement). Also you should take vit c to prevent possible kidney stones.

that said she also has me eating clay, and it's all costing a fortune!!

My 95% every morning breakfast consists of a half a cup of oat meal, 1 cup milk, 4 table spoons coconut oil, some sort of berry and A scoop of whey. That way I do not have to worry about the rest of the day.

Sounds nutritious but how can you get down that much coconut oil? Is it solid?

It makes me gag.

All this goes into the oatmeal. Try it.

Ur hilarious

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It sure as heck is cheaper than PD meds. Prescription drugs are through the roof.

I used to wake up in a panic thinking about it but have settled down now. And don't have a tremor anymore unless I get cold or stressed. I'm on Madopar 4 x a day and it's really helped.

What got rid if your tremor

The tremor stopped when I started on the Madopar ( levodopa +Benserazide) it has helped me a lot.

Any side effects? Thats all i have is tremor in r. Hand. So far that is. Sinemet doesnot help with it. Thinking about asking neuro to stop it. 25-100 one three x a day. I may ask about this one your taking. If it doesnt have bad side effects. Im actually still looking for a natural remedy.

Hi mine is right side only and it took a little while to adjust to my meds but so worth it, sometimes I feel a bit off but stick with it. I'm on 4 x125 mg a day. Good luck

Mine is my type arm and hand. Do you drag you're feet when you walk

My son drags his right leg.

His hand doesn't tremor

Yes, his right hand has a strong tremor and he has lost some dexterity in his hand as well. He is undergoing genetic testing as he has an adverse reaction to leveadopa. Not sure of the spelling. Hoping it is not anything worse like Mutiple System Atrophy. Blood work cost $6000 and the government okayed it through the neurologist and sent the lab tests to the states. Waiting on the results.

Yes it's taken me a year to get my head around it. And now I'm ok just taking one day at a time. It will be ok you can do it.

Most definitely. Took me about a year actually before I got back to sleeping better and realised that life is carrying on just fine. Takes time, be gentle on yourself.

My noticeable symptoms just started in November 2016. I went through two weeks of crying/feeling sorry for myself. Then I remembered that my dad had PD for 23 years and lived a good life 20 years of it. He did nothing but drugs. I have opted for a different route as I am 10 years younger than he was at diagnosis. I have been struggling with terrible anxiety/depression for the last 2-3 years and thought it was menopause. I just recently started a lectin-avoidance diet and it all went away. I never realized it was part of the PD. My life has changed so much in the last 4 weeks that I am never going back to eating grains or cow dairy again. It kind of sucks but I am getting used to it and the benefits for my 12 year old son to have his high energy mom back is worth it. Medicine should be a last resort. Diet and exercise can eliminate symptoms, especially if you are just being diagnosed. Inflammation of the brain can be reversed, your gut can be healed.

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Link to this diet? Im all for it.

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Look up plant paradox, also lectin avoidance diet. There are many resources....look at all of them. Don't buy any supplements offered, you don't need them. Except for supplements for PD, look those up separately. The diet is challenging but you do get used to it. There are dark moments along the road with Parkinson's anyway...I would rather one be that I wish I could have french fries!

I am fairly new too. I began my PD life with with a history of depression and it is still with me. Life gets better over time. EXERCISE.

My suspicions were confirmed 5 months ago and my perspective on life is changed. Yes, I fear the future but each day now is more special to me.

What's working:

1. Great movement specialist doctor referred to me by American Parkinson Disease Association.

2 upped my excercise and added variety

3 go to bed when tired even if 9 pm

4 striving to live in the moment and not worry about tomorrow ( easier said than done)

5 living cleaner / virtually eliminated alcohol and eating better

That's my 2 cents

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Taranto, I was also diagnosed a few months ago and it was a total shock! I really liked you're attitude and your 1-5. I'm really fighting depression, I'm hoping on this site to be able to work thru this. Thank you!

I came to this site a year and a half ago. I was totally blown away that the Parkinson's authorities were just coming to the conclusion that pain could be involved with it. I thought it was the first symptom. In such a short time it has been figured that Parkinson's should be addressed like cancer so now they are creating sub groups. What will another year and a half bring?

I had depression and anxiety for 15 years before any PD symptoms emerged. Start of symptoms threw me into a deep depression/anxiety spiral as my dad had PD and I saw it all go down. That was 3 years ago. I'm doing better now, although still adapting to the new normal.

Daily exercise is key, as is avoiding stress, eating a healthy diet (different things seem to work for different folks), meditation and getting enough sleep as much as possible. I use anti-depressants, I have for a long time and it's been a lifesaver for me. It makes all the rest of this possible. I won't say "stay positive" because if you're depressed it's like asking you to fly to the moon! But doing all of these things and not ruling out medication can make a big difference. Big hug to you.

I think so, my youngest son was diagnosed at the end of April and his mood is very low. But I think it is possible that you could both be in a state of shock trying to grasp all that it means and the possible rippling effects on all aspects of your life.

You have made a wise investment in your health and wellbeing by choosing to come and be a part of this community here. As a newcomer, I was overwhelmed with the kindness and warm welcome of so many members here along with their willingness to share their personal stories, hope and encouragement.

Welcome to the community!

I too was diagnosed six mos Neurologist at the university.of British Colublia ,Dr.McEwan has prescribed 4 Sinamet 100/25 four times per day plus an ani deppressant(mincitslipram)before I go to sleep.

A week go,and while I was a sleep,I was awakened by stron tremors I my left hand and leg.....I have not had any Tremors since my wife started crushing one pill and mixing the powered pill in a quarter of orange juice.

That andysking my Anti-depressant ills have sTopped any Tremor and any depressions.


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Thank you, I'm going to ask for a depression med... my mood swings are getting out of hands. One minute I'm great and the next I'm really emotional.

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Are you taking azilect?

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No, I'm not. What is this

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It is something that stops your body mopping up excess dopamine making more available for you to use. It is often given as the first thing as it possibly delays progression. It was initially designed as an anti depressant so you may find it helps you with that.

Good luck.

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Thank you so much! Does the medication stop tremors or slow down the disease

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It possibly slows the disease and it helps with symptoms. I don't really have tremors, but it helped with my toes to stop them curling over so I can walk when I first wake up!

I'm surprised your dr didn't offer it to you.

Hi. I am new to this as well. My brother was diagnosed 2years ago. You ask if depression is a factor. I would say definitely yes. It's difficult to judge some times because my brother has always been cautious/negative in general life situations. I ask to see the mentally stronger man I know but it doesn't shift him into another gear

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I'm going to have to go on something unless it's the meds. Have you ever heard of Horse Therapy? I've been doing it for a month and even if you don't like horses it's an amazing program. I had never been near a horse before and these Therapy horses know exactly what to do for you. When I leave from this the peace I feel is wonderful

Where is this