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Virtual House Calls for Speedy, Effective Parkinson's Care

 Virtual House Calls for Speedy, Effective Parkinson's Care

A new study suggests that encouraging Tele-medicine part of Virtual House will boost urgent treatment of PD. The study also states " Online visits saved patients more than two hours and 100 miles of driving " . This observational study could develop double care for patients who experienced this debilitating disease and easily to get doctors . The study author noted that " "Over 40 percent of people with Parkinson's disease never receive care from a neurologist, yet studies have shown that people who see a neurologist are less likely to be hospitalized with illnesses related to Parkinson's disease, have greater independence and are less likely to die prematurely. "

PD still has an ongoing exciting Research which adding everyday a new Idea to ultimately discover its customized care and long-lasting therapy .



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