Flu and immune system

Past 10 days been dealing with the everything flu: sore throat, coughing all night, fever, intestinal and stomach. Flu does not to be going on in my area. Couple days before had Ethiopian coffee at a self-serve coffee shop and won Der if I picked up a virus there. Also wonder if pwp have a difficult time throwing off viruses?. Very slowly getting some better. Hope everyone is doing well. Please be careful with eyes viewing tomorrow's eclipse.

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  • Last winter I had terrible withdrawaal effects from an antidepresssant dr & I stopped to change. I had just previously over worked cleanin,scrubbibg, our rental property to the point I was totally depleted. It went on & on. Primary care physician diagnosedd I had virus as well. My have had it previously but was able to fight it offf. But when I wore myself down I could no longer fight it off. So goes the theory. I was getting little rest & pushing myself very hard. That seemed to be the culprit. Has that been going on with you? My immune system has been compromised for many years also - mononucleosos, herpes, & something else I'm not recalling. There seems some kind of relationship to PD and immune system. I send you healing energy and Love energy toward recovering health. kdm

  • Had first experience of flu 2 years ago. I seemed to be unwell for ages. Now I have the yearly vaccination.

  • I have had the flu 2 times since being diagnosed. I was on Amantadine ( anti viral ) and I knew it was bad but nobody thought I was sick because the symptoms were being taken care of by the meds. I was called a party pooper because I did not want to get anyone else sick. Low and behold when I did share my bug I was asked " you were really this sick? ".

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