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Heat Intolerance and recovery?


We are in an annoying heat wave for weeks. Was wondering what effects heat has on PD? I was out in the heat for a very short time it was over 100 degrees F. When I went into air-conditioning building, I could not cool down. I tried Ice inside my scarf everything, but just continued to sweat for more then an hour until we had to go home with our ac in our car full blast. That was Friday and today is Sunday. I am wiped out from that weird episode.

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For me the heat is better than an AC environment. In the heat my hands feel better. I am not stiff. I tend to be more active. As for the heat this year it is the worst i have ever seen here. Not the highest but highest humidity.

Sensitivity to heat - over heating easily - is common for many pwp, some more than others. I'm one who has to be careful, too. On hot days, I'm not active outside, do my walk early a.m., etc.

Humidity is everything. Here in the high desert, with relative humidity in the teens and cloudless sky, I can hike comfortably at 100 degrees F if there is a nice breeze, which there usually is.

You got to sweat ? Lucky . I just turn beet red.

It's time, once again to trot out that old advice, Hydrate, Hydrate!!, Hydrate!!! Perspiration is water already lost.." Temp. in Sydney today + 58, Aukland + 56

Heat is draining. I do better after sundown

Thank you all your replies are helpful. I rarely tremor however had problems getting out of a car, standing stiffness, fatigue. I notice it takes a few days of rest to gain energy with being in heat.i guess it's the nature of this beast Within! Don't mean to complain yet your replies are helpful to gain an understanding. I now know I must be more aware of this and drink more water too! I take c/l plus rasaglinne.

I have never seen anything written about the problem of dealing with temperature change, when you have Pd. This does not affect everybody but it does affect me.

I can be sitting in my study while the temperature is slowly getting cooler and cooler, but I do not notice the change. When my wife enters my study she immediately says, "It's freezing in here, why don't you turn the heater on?" And in the summer, the reverse happens. As the day warms up, and the concrete slab above my study gets warmer and warmer, I do not notice it. When my wife comes back from town and says, "It's like an oven in here, why don't you turn the Air conditioner on?".

I am not aware of those changes. My hands are like ice in the winter but I do not sweat in the summer. It is a normal function of the brain to compensate for temperature changes, but that function no longer works with me.

Used to live in Spain but have to spend Summers in UK now cos can't tolerate the heat with humidity. Just drains all the energy so no cycling,no tennis no walking equals bad PD symptoms.. A/C no help as I rarely sweat .Just need to be in lower temps.

Hello My husband is feeling the cold this winter in Qld and he gets a lot of restless leg problems I get him a hot pack and that does the trick

I'm leaving in three days for two weeks floating the Grand Canyon and am concerned about the heat. I have all. the right clothes, hats, sunscreen, microfiber cloth and 4 water bottles with replacement powder. Any advice will be appreciated.

Are you floating or rafting. It might be 105 degrees in the heat of the day but there is plenty of water to keep you wet.... That actually sounds like a lot of fun, I would like to try that. Let me Know how it goes.

There is one float boat and the rest are rafts. I'll write about it in a few weeks.

Its not fun. I am soaked all the time. Perspiration through the back of my eyes which fogs my glasses, from my hair line making hair style impossible, down my back soaking my clothes. Change up to 3 times daily during our long hot horribly humid summer. Queensland.

I am better during cool to cold weather but that never happens where i live. I take a cool break to the local highlands where i am now for a few days doing nothing. These symptoms worry me more than the freezing of mobility. I drink litres and litres of fluid.

Wish there was a solution and there is i guess....sit around in the A/C and dont move.

Impossible for me as I cant relax. If I have to leave the house and that's often of course, I prepare my bath routine with A/C and Fan full blast, dress and sit under these things until sweating stops, grab my personal fan and get to the car and its A/C quickly.

Its just awful.

Cooling vests , etc dont help me but Sporting Head Bands do. The Terry Towling type. (Not a good look with cocktail frocks)

Frivolous letter this isnt so hope it helps.


Opt8 in reply to Bridielena

Thank you for sharing that. I hope you can get more relief. It is miserable. I once went to an outside potluck gathering with friends but had to quickly get out of heat %his was before I was on mEd's. I couldn't understand how others young and old could stand it when I felt like I could die let alone grab a plate of food! My husband got the ac. Running in the car and took me Home! In the house or 9n errands I place a wet washraag rolled up inside my scarf. I live in area. summers seem to be getting more intense. Winter is good tho.

I use to think that I was really lucky. I still don't use deodorant. That might be that I can't smell me. Imagine walking in 100 degree heat and not a drop of sweat on my brow. No cooling down.

Cant. One must sweat to cool body down.....me... excessively unfortunately.

Oceanwind in reply to NanCyclist

That sounds like a great trip!

Opt8 in reply to NanCyclist

I understand there is a company that sells cooling vest. I forgot their name.

Bazillion in reply to NanCyclist

No advice but I'm envious .Just have the time of your life !

We get problems with our temperature control due to the autonomic problems in Parkinsons.

For me it comes and goes but i sure find the heat difficult.

We found (my husband) the same thing when we were travelling. I was so dyskenetic. I became known as the dancing queen. We did further research and found out that the meds that I was taking become more potent. Sinemit and mirepex.

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