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Sudden steep decline in walking


Over the course of the last few months, much of the time, my mother simply cannot get her legs to budge. The precipitous decline is what is confusing. At times, especially in the morning, she can use her walker. At other times, it takes two people to get her from her wheelchair into the bed. She has had chronic UTIs this year. She was put on Cephelexin as a prophylactic measure but to no avail. Could there be an underlying infection that none of the antibiotics have touched over the last many months? I don't believe it is just the PD progression. It happened too quickly?! Advice, please?

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Google "NPH" & see if any of the symptoms match. Sometimes NPH can be mistaken as PD.

dolltearsheet in reply to laglag

It doesn't appear to be NPH, but thank you for the suggestion!

sometimes PD does move that fast, sorry to say.

My husband and I have been married 38 years this November. I am 63. My husband was diagnosed in the spring of 2013. My husband who is now 72, had a severe bladder infection in October of 2015. He lost the ability to walk at that time, going from working full time (with days of working from home when his legs were bothering him too much), to taking full retirement in January of 2016. He was hospitalized for a week and then went into rehab for two weeks where they got him back on his feet and walking with a walker. He never drove after that. He also lost the ability to urinate and ended up getting a supra pubic catheter placed that December. He began to lose the ability to swallow next, and ended up with a feeding tube placed in June of 2016 after losing 60 lbs from October 2015 to June 2016, Now, whenever he gets another bladder infection, he becomes very unstable on his feet and cannot walk well. He had another bout of bladder infection that he started fighting in March this year and then finally took its toll in June, and now again is in a rehab hospital trying to regain his strength and better ability to walk. At this time, it appears that he will have to be placed in a skilled nursing facility as I cannot care for him by myself and continue to work full time. He cannot swallow his saliva and secretions well now and needs to have his throat suctioned periodically in order to breathe and speak at the same time.

This disease hits everyone differently it seems. My husband does not take any of the Parkinson's medications, as he seems to have more adverse affects from them rather than good. I wish you the best and this community is constantly in my prayers.

ddmagee1 in reply to cflloyd

Cflloyd, you and your husband will constantly be in my prayers! I am so sorry to hear about his progression and great difficulties. It is so difficult for us patients, with PD, and it's also hard on loved ones, and caregivers, who all go through this together!

cflloyd in reply to ddmagee1

Thank you. Again, all are in my prayers as well.

Our prayers are with you and your husband.

You don't say how long your mother has had Parkinson's. If it is just a few years it is worth exploring the infection route but also talk to the neurologist about her problem, if you haven't done so already.

dolltearsheet in reply to soup

She was diagnosed in 2005, but it's only become a serious problem in the last two years. It's impossible to in to see any neurologists sooner than your appointment which tends to be every 3 months. The physician's assistant will see you but it's not enough. It is a terrible dilemma.

Good morning dolltearsheet

I am 50 with pd and lupus. I too am currently going through same thing. I have recurrent uti with heavy bleeding and unable to get up. Drs seem at a loss of what is the way forward. Antibiotics are largely useless.

I don't have the answer but on a practical note one thing I have found is strange but works gaffa tape on the route you need to walk somehow helps brain signals to legs. Stick on floor and follow it. !! As long as it's straight line it works for me ! Counting also helps and doing what u most need to do before 3 pm as I deteriorate after this !

Hope this helps also I have just got the pd silk sheets which are a godsend xx

Much love Bea

Thank you so much for this advice! I will try the tape and sheets. I've heard of the tape in a bright color but I've never heard of the special sheets. Brilliant!!

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