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Essential tremor or Parkinson’s disease - bibliography


Perhaps these citations will be helpful to some listmates.

ET vs Parkinson’s disease: How do they differ?

Differences Between Essential Tremor and Parkinson's Disease - Topic


Distinguishing essential tremor from Parkinson’s disease: bedside

tests and laboratory evaluations.

Personality profile in essential tremor: a case-control study..

Neuroimaging essentials in essential tremor: a systematic review.

Association between essential tremor and other neurodegenerative

diseases: what is the epidemiological evidence?

Familial Aggregation and Co-Aggregation of Essential Tremor and

Parkinson's Disease.

From neurons to neuron neighborhoods: the rewiring of the cerebellar

cortex in essential tremor.

'Essential tremor' or 'the essential tremors': is this one disease

or a family of diseases?

Difficult diagnoses in hyperkinetic disorders - a focused review.

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