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Caring 4 husband

Hi I am new, my husband is an early onset he showed symptoms since 2008 and was Dx In June 2013. Until today only in Neupro Patch 8mg+4mg . He still working full time but lately is too anxious trying to hide his tremors and it is an stressing cycle so Dr prescribed Rytary which he started yesterday morning and didn't feel anything positive but worse , more tremors and more anxiety so here I am trying to find out about your experiences and how he should be feeling , how long should it take for the medicine to help or if he should change

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Anxiety is debilitating and can surely build. Perhaps it's time to talk about positive and fun things he wants to do when he stops work which might be a good idea soon? And if he's not already encourage him to find an exercise/sport that he enjoys as it surely helps with calming and a feeling of well being. PD makes me feel the shortness of life even more acutely and I'm grateful that I'm able to be making more happy memories now before I can't. Hopefully someone else will reply about Rytary, I haven't used that.


Thank you @grower , what kind of fun things do you do that help ? I have two teenagers and sometimes I feel they must be so bored with us


Well we go hiking together when we can, and I found this year that I'm still able to ski (was a ski instructor in past life) with family and that has been so wonderful. Clearly not something we do all the time but I'm glad the muscles still remember how. Sailing is our family passion though and while I am very slow at moving around, at the helm I'm just fine so we're making more time for that. Clearly we're fortunate to have these opportunities to take them while I'm still stage 1. My main physical symptoms are lack of left arm swing, bradykinesia and stooped posture, only slight tremor at the moment, hence the making the most of it while I can. Noticing some cognitive changes :( Interesting reading on here lately about the groupings of PD, seems I'm Non Tremor Dominant = high chance of AD...


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