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zero's experience

zero's experience

i have had Parkinson's for ten years now. I had DBS in June 2013. I am going for a change of battery end of August because the battery was deemed too weak when I went for review in June. Meds have seemed to refuse me from Bromocriptine, Syndopa plus, now since June 2017 Syncapone 100. The doctor said they have done all they could as he prescribed Syncaponne 100 with the words Let's try him on Syncapone 100 three times a day. I have since reduced it to one time a day and tried to avoid proteins while I take it in the evenings. There seems to be reduced pain and dyskinesias and continue to exercise. I live in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa. How can I live a next to normal life and regain my voice?

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I start LBVG Loud which is a very specific type of Speech therapy for P.D.


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