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Hi all. I'm interested in giving this a go. When I go to Ebay I find Zandopa all over the place from India. There's also a couple of herb sellers here in the UK that sell a different brand but again it's in powder form. However, go to Amazon or IHerb and you get lots of products in capsules. I notice that they are described as Mucuna and not Mucuna Pruriens. Does anybody know if there's a difference between M and MP and also, are these capsules the same product as the various powders on offer?

Thanks a lot to anybody who can answer this.

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  • This is of the top of my head. If it says mucuna does it say also it is standardized? Otherwise I think it would take many many pills to come to a certain dosage.

  • I take 3 times 3 pills of MP each day of MP of healthy vitamins . Normally I took 3 times 1 100/25 sinemet. It helps as much. Donot know about other people. Zandopa did not do much in some funny way donot know why. I disliked the taste of it too

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  • You need to take note of the weight of the capsule and the percentage of dopamine in it and calculate the dopamine content per capsule. It varies from 90%-15%. The lower percentage is thought preferable as it allows for the capsule to contain other beneficial ingredients also found in mucuna.

  • Blimey Daffers!

  • It's usually written on tub! Solaray's DopaBean capsules from iherb are 333mg total capsule contents weight, with 15% ldopa, therefore roughly 50 mg ldopa per serving. This is quite a low dose. Powder gives you the opportunity to start even lower.

  • I asked this question of someone else below, but I'd like to know what you think as well.

    I thought that typically MP is 15 to 20% levodopa and that 100% pure extract is all levodopa and nothing else. If pure extract is just levodopa, how does that reduce dyskinesia, i.e., aren’t we just replacing the levodopa in C/L with levodopa from MP?

    I thought the purpose of getting levodopa from MP was because the other compounds in the MP is what allowed you to get the same dose of levodopa without dyskinesia. So, if the pure extract is all levodopa, how does that reduce the likelihood of dyskinesia?

  • I assume the levodopa in madopar and sinimet is synthetic and the levodopa in macuna is natural.

  • so, that must mean their molecular structure is different? If the levodopa in MP doesn't induce dyskinesia, but the levodopa and C/L does, then that must mean they're different?

  • Sorry I'm not a chemist. I have been told it's 'natural' and feel better on it.

  • I was also informed by an organic/naturalist in Atlanta that the MP is all natural and not chemically made which makes it far better. I get no exact reason when asked why dyskinesia does not occur when taking MP but it works for me.

    Remember the MP has to be pure form and when taking LDopa supplement it also has to be pure form with no other additive on the label.

    I did not see any results when I took LDopa supplements. I began taking certified organic Mucuna P. and within 60 days could feel and see a difference. If it has been used for centuries in India and China among other countries to treat PD symptoms with good results then it is worth a try. I do have the 100% certified organic powder as well as the capsules. The taste is what deters me from slurping down a mouth full with water or cranberry juice but you can control the amount you take with the powder vs capsule. totally my opinion.

  • Hi Thank you so much for this, I think that taking time (60 days) is also important. Could you please tell what brand is the certified organic Mucuna P. that you buy and where? It will even help if you have a link.

    Thanks a lot


    60 caplets

    I take the cap let’s when I just don’t think I can drink the powder mix. It is certified organic.

    I have always purchased my powder from starwest botanicals which can also be purchased they amazon. We have gotten another powder that was derived from the mucuna seed and stem but I will have to find that exact name. I hope this helps. There are very informative articles about Mucuna Pruiens and you would benefit from doing extensive research on this wonderful herb. It helps do much more than just PD but I credit it for my slow progression of PD and my total well being.

  • I only use certified organic Mucuna powder to eliminate the chance of heavy metal contamination

  • Where do you purchase this and what brand do you bu.y? Thank you!

  • Online from Banyan Botanicals

  • Got the powder ordered, how do you take it? I ordered the drops also. Do you take it at the same time you take your meds? Thank you for your help!

  • I take 1 flat teaspoon with 1 capsule of NAC mixed in warm water each morning I'm not on Meds though so best to check dose with others that are combining both

  • Hello Jeeves! I've done exactly the same thing as you have done looking for a natural remedy for RLS. Zandopa is 87% Mucuna Extract and 23% filler with sweetener added. I'll save you some time and hopefully money. I found 100% (no fillers) pharmaceutical grade Mucuna Extract at Here is the link:

    The capsules work okay, but it takes time for the capsule to dissolve and the mucuna to be free to work. That takes longer and capsules are more expensive.

    I have been on Mucuna Extract for almost a year now and I've had NO augmentation, no need to increase the amount I take (1/2 tsp. one half hour before I want to sleep. Then 1/2 tsp. four hours later when I wake up. I sleep another four hours. Total 8 hours sleep at night.) For me, this is perfect. My stomach cannot tolerate more than a 1/2 tsp. dissolved in pure water at a time. You might be able to tolerate more and sleep longer.

  • Thanks very much for your generous and informative response.😊

  • Hi. Me again. Why not take some MP during the day if it works well during the night for you?

  • I have done that. For me, I can always count on 4 hours "rest, usually sleep" with 1/2 tsp. Then it wears off. If you need it during the day, take it! Then take it again to sleep at night.

  • Do you take any other drug during the day such as sinemet out of curiosity? Thanks for a swift response btw.

  • No. I do not take any drugs. Mucuna does for me what drugs do, but drugs always have a "kick-back." If I need relief, say in the early evening to be able to sit for games with friends and supper together, I take mucuna again, but not as much so I won't get sleepy. It takes affect in 30 minutes, depending on what foods are on my stomach when I take mucuna. I have discovered that if my stomach is processing food, the mucuna does me NO good. So I always take mp on an empty stomach.

  • Help me understand this. I thought that typically MP is 15 to 20% levodopa and that 100% pure extract is all levodopa and nothing else. If pure extract is just levodopa, how does that reduce dyskinesia, i.e., aren’t we just replacing the levodopa in C/L with levodopa from MP?

    I thought the purpose of getting levodopa from MP was because the other compounds in the MP is what allowed you to get the same dose of levodopa without dyskinesia. So, if the pure extract is all levodopa, how does that reduce the likelihood of dyskinesia?

  • I think it's the carbidopa that does the damage. Apparently it damages ones DNA?

  • I am no expert, mind you. But when I began researching MP, I learned that 15-20% MP extract is used by those who want to "feel good" and was used widely by bodybuilders and health nuts. My amateur analysis is that in the capsules I started with, 15% is MP and 85% is filler. Those capsules didn't help me at all. I searched and used 45% (one capsule helped me for about 2 hours), 85% (one helped about 3 hours), and 95% (about the same as 85%). All were caps. I cut the caps and took the powder in water. It was absorbed much quicker whereas a capsule has to dissolve before the MP can start kicking in.) That's how I know they have a taste to them. Then I found 100% mucuna extract. In 1/2 tsp (which may fill a normal gelatin capsule), I get four hours, sometimes more of deep sleep, free of my symptoms. I think the MP is pure levodopa. It's prescription carbidopa that has such a kickback and progressively less effectiveness as your body fights the chemicals (again, my amateur analysis). The MP I use now is pure--no taste, therefore I assume no fillers. It has worked for me for 2 years. Hopefully this helps.

  • thank you

  • You are most welcome!

  • A lovely post! Thanks😊

  • Hi SuperMNew

    I have to ask , do you use the MP to sleep? It is not clear to me. What are the symptoms you get rid of with MP if I can ask? And how much MP should be taken to be able to work during the day ?

    Thank you in advance for your kindness

  • Yes, I use MP to sleep. Between 7-9 p.m., my legs start jumping--my nerves are firing, making my legs jump. It continues until the sun comes up. No letup. (Just FYI) I've been researching my RLS condition for years, and from one very reputable doctor I learned that the Central Nervous Systems began trying to repair damaged nerves, etc. during that time. That is somewhat of an answer, but no solution in itself. Back to your questions. As is true of most all RLS sufferers, walking and moving stops the "spiking." So in the evenings I move a lot! At 10 p.m. (on an empty stomach) I take 1/2 tsp. of MP (the pure, 100% EXTRACT from NutriVita.) Within 15 to 45 minutes (depending on what is in my stomach), all restless legs stops and I begin getting very drowsy. I go right to sleep and sleep solid for 4 hours with no RLS at all. When I begin getting restless and wake around 2 or 2:30 a.m., I get up and take another 1/2 tsp. I usually can go right back to sleep and sleep another 4 hours or more. I have found this dosage adequate for my life style. I like to plan my 8 hours of sleep so I have a full evening and then I don't oversleep in the morning. I have taken MP in early evening so I could attend parties that start around 6 and go to 10 or so. The MP keeps me calm and feeling normal. Then. I simply take my usual dose at 10 or 10:30 whenever I can, and try to stay on schedule. I have noticed that natural dopamine works wonderfully the same every time. Prescription meds do not work that way for me. (Apparently for others as well.) The body responds more naturally to natural dopamine. I am happy to answer any and all of your questions. And I'm delighted if I can help someone to cope with RLS or PD. I've been there so I know how utterly miserable both are, and prescription meds don't seem to offer any kind of long-term help without awful side affects.

  • I always encourage anyone taking MP to experiment with what will work for them. If you take MP during the day, it should work the same as at night--keeping you free from symptoms whenever you take it. God bless! (Please see my reply below.)

  • Believe me! I wish I had answers for all your questions. I just submitted another answer to you below. Initially I was so desperate for relief, I did the research and started my journey testing Mucuna. It gave me relief that did not kick back. Prescription meds for me were increasingly less effective and the side effects were horrible. I was determined to find a natural source that would work long-term, and for me, that was Mucuna Pruriens from Nutrivita.

  • thank you

  • I use the capsules as well as sinemet,it seems to shorten off time.

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