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Why exercising on a treadmill can be unhealthy

“Dirty electricity” is a term recognized in scientific literature, and what the research is showing is that it’s all around us and impacting our health significantly. This article raises more questions then gives answers but it is good to be aware of this issue. For full text here is the link and then just the part of it pertaining to neurotransmitters.


"The frequency levels of dirty electricity also might cause neurological disorders or imbalances in neurotransmitter levels. There have been case studies of improvements in multiple sclerosis through installing a filter that reduces the frequency levels to the 50 Hz of regular electricity. One example was a patient with MS who had difficulty walking, requiring a cane, and issues with swallowing, tremors, and fatigue. After three days of using filters to reduce the dirty electricity, he saw improvement and was able to walk without a cane, although his symptoms reappeared in areas with dirty electricity. Although this study only demonstrates symptom improvement through decreasing these frequencies, it does suggest a potential correlation.

Another study found that neurotransmitter levels changed after filtering out dirty electricity. Seven volunteers in a library known to have high levels of dirty electricity provided a urine sample prior to installing electromagnetic filters. At this point, they all had abnormal levels of dopamine and or phenylethylamine (PEA). Over the course of the year in which the urine levels were tracked after putting the filters in place, the levels of dopamine and PEA rose to high normal levels. The authors compared this to another observation in which there was a drop in these levels after the installation of a cell-phone tower, demonstrating that these higher frequencies impact neurotransmitters, which could cause a variety of symptoms.


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Scary stuff!

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Why I like the treadmill.

1- you control the speed

2- you control the incline

3- you have to think about stopping

4- you don't have to worry about cars

5- you can listen to music and give working out your full attention

6- no uneven ground to twist ankle

7-if you have any issues you are all ready home


It's good to know pros and cons to make informed decision.

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