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Waking with physical acting out - ?

Hi guys -

I've posted before re. my husband's PD/REM sleep disorder. If you have had the REM sleep disorder you know there can be nighttime spasms, punching, etc. Has anyone ever experienced waking in a state of terror to find one of your hands grasping your own arm at the wrist ? I have lost count of the times this has now happened with my husband - he is just in a horrible panic & it's hard to bring him out of it to realize it's not some bad guy who has a hold of him.

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I too have PD/rem sleep disorder. I sometimes violently punch and kick in my sleep. I have twice fallen out of bed after swinging at something in my sleep that wasn't there. Recently I have have woken up yelling and.screaming, thinking someone is in my bedroom. I don't know what, if anything, can be done about it. Guess I just have to live with it, like so much else with PD.


Are you taking zolpedem for sleep? When I stopped taking that my sleep has become much better.


My husband takes Clonazapam which controls his Rem sleep disorder.


i take clonazapam also...it keeps me still...but I still shout out.


I have also been taking Clonazapam for years, which effectively controls my REM sleep behavior disorder. I take .5 mg per night and take an extra half tablet when I know there is a stressful time coming up or when I've been having trouble sleeping. (My prescription is for 1.mg so I'm not taking too much when I add a little. Finally! Something you can easily control!

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