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MHC HLA autoimmunity inflammation in PD - bibliography

Here is a miscellany of references relevant to Sulzer et al 2017,

who did not claim that autoimmunity is the only causal factor in PD.

Indeed, anti-alpha-synuclein may be an etiologically significant

co-factor in only a subset of PwP.

All but one is open access. Be forewarned, mmunology has its own


Inflammation and Adaptive Immunity in PD.

The Role of Innate and Adaptive Immunity in PD.

MHC-I expression renders catecholaminergic neurons susceptible to

T-cell-mediated degeneration.

PD-associated genetic variation is linked to quantitative expression

of inflammatory genes.

Common Genetic Variant Association with Altered HLA Expression,

Synergy with Pyrethroid Exposure, and Risk for PD: An Observational

and Case-Control Study.

Age and duration of inflammatory environment differentially affect

the neuroimmune response and catecholaminergic neurons in the

midbrain and brainstem.

Role of cytokines in inflammatory process in Parkinson's disease.

Distribution of major histocompatibility complex class II-positive

microglia and cytokine profile of Parkinson's disease brains.

Association of Parkinson disease with structural and regulatory

variants in the HLA region.

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And in layman's terms .


Tere is substantial research looking at immune system atypicalities that may be related to PD.

Clinical correlation of peripheral CD4+‑cell sub‑sets, their imbalance and Parkinson's disease.

Clinical characteristics and peripheral T cell subsets in Parkinson's disease patients with constipation.


Laymen come in all shapes and sizes, but I think that a lot of laymen would appreciate this recent post on "The Science of Parkinson's disease" blog.

It is written in the usual folky SOPD style, and contains a number of helpful diagrams.

The post is quite long, but you wouldn't need to read all of it, to get a lot out of it.


Great site, thankyou. Hope others bookmark or save a link. So many topics covered.

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An excellent delineation. Thank you for sharing it.

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