Dr Hinz protocol info

I found this, a peek into the great Hinz protocol


then I called them to ask if they had any providers in my area that practice this protocol. They referred me to one thats 2 hours away that might or might not work with parkinsons patients. (the protocol is used for a multitude of other disorders too)

found the ingredients to D5 online and a lot of it is what Im already doing, minus the 5-htp and about half the tyrosine.


I think working with a physician closely is key to hitting the target ratios without potentially screwing yourself up. Anybody have any thoughts or experience with this subject?

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  • Wouldn't it be nice if protocols such as this had a plain English section so that we could be sure we understand what is being said rather than going for 'impressively scientific'. Perhaps there is but it is not included here.

  • Ugh! Its so friggin expensive! I wish i could diy it. No one seems to take insurance for it either.

  • Yes, it's expensive! I'm thinking about it too. It seems to make sense as it balances all neurotransmitters not just dopamine.

  • GREAT NEWS!!! I called that Dr 2 hrs away and verified he DOES practice the Hinz protocol and I booked an appointment!!! See you on 7/18 at 1PM! If all goes well, Im as good as cured! I will keep you posted. Wish me luck, please!

  • Good luck tomorrow. Please let me know Where are u located and what is the name of the clinic /place you are going .

  • Wish the best for you. I think it may not pass the smell test but I have anosmia

  • FDA acts against Duluth firm selling dietary supplements: strib.mn/17fgmvr

  • Thank you! I hope it works out. Its a 2 hr drive for me and im bringing the kids. g.co/kgs/DPRv4G

    I saw the fda thing. Its just a labeling issue. Not worried about that.

    I will update soon!

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