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my review of a vitamin

allithiamine, 100mg, 2X/day/2X/week: My vision improved and strength increased as evidence of ease of entering and covering myself at bedtime. It gives me hope. and I can brush my teeth with my right hand without my hand "freezing". Normally I brush my teeth with my left hand or use electric tooth brush. Yesterday I caught myself brushing using my right hand. I was surprised. I thought before I tell my wife the good news I will wait and see next time. Next time was the "proof in the pudding". Add that to and thank allithiamine.

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Thank you so much! Thanks to your recommendation, I ordered a bottle and it just arrived today! Cant wait to brush my teeth righty, too! So, just 2 days a week then? Bad to take every day? Tempting, though!


Report I read said higher and more frequent may be useful. I think too much of a good thing may risk, cause less good results.


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