Eat or Parkinson's

Been tested told I didn't have Parkinson's yet my tremor acts like Parkinson's left arm whe supported by pillow or arm chair will twitch. Then stop when I move arm. My arm had been injured about same time as tremors began. Lost strength and had burning sensation in are when typing on regular keypad So I am having trouble on which do I have. Only sign I have is tremor for Parkinson's no other classic signs. 65 years old. When placing hands in lap resting position no tremor


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  • Was the burning sensation in your hand? What kind of injury?

  • Forearm believe it or typing. Arms in wrong position caused me to stop typing. Burning is much less now but every time I type it reruns quickly causing me to tense up and hold arm up because creates pain in shoulder. Went to ortho for pain in shoulder MRI was fine showed old injury.

    Physical therapist gave me excercises that helped stem them shoulder and scapula area At work I have reduced use of keyboard by 90 percent

    Pain almost gone but tremors still showup

  • hi rick well i want you to stand up put your both arms out stright in front of you palms facing down then wiggle your fingers on your good hand then start wiggling your bad hand,, if your bad hand dont wiggle the same as your good hand then i think you have pd.i hope this thats how i found out i had pd.hope this helps.

  • Thanks. Wiggles seem to be same left handed always been a little stiffer thanks for comments

  • Perspective, seems like you have it both ways? Perhaps your in ury, has an effect similar to PD. Striatim controls movement my effecting muscles, which in turn can overact. Consider gait for examples. Gait effected by joints, which in turn are controlled by opposing muscles, Extensors and and Refractors. Push out and pull down. Are matched in dynamic tension. Pull on each other. Problem in PD, is that deficiency in dopamine resulting in weakening, of extensor muscles. Suddenly the refractors, are too strong, relative to the damaged extenisors. refractrs being over tense cause he bad things pain, muscle cramping and pain.

    P:erhaps you do not have PD, Yet experience the pain, etc, of the over tense muscles when you type?


  • I do have pain if I type on regular keyboard I have almost stopped now use iPad no problem

    Thanks for comments I know muscle is left arm is weaker than right due to typing injury

    Working with PT to strengthen seems to help

  • That is what happens when I type I get burning sensation and when finished top of arm hurts. It like muscle in arm is exhausted so when arm hangs down by my side I have to concentrate to make arm relax then tremor go away if I slightly bend arm like when typing shake returns

    I can feel nerves firing in top of arm causes me to tense up in shoulder and pec muscles

    If I lean forearm on counter tends to hurt and begins to shake as soon as I remove arm off counter shake stops like nerves are damage although since I have reduced typing significantly on regular keyboard sensitivity of leaning arm on counter is diminished. For a while if I laid arm on cold surface it hurt

    When I put my hands between legs in rest position that they have you do for pd test my hands don't shake

    Small tremor when I hold hands out in front of me writing is same. I can draw a spiral no problem. Touch nose etc no problem

    You may be right on being tense this started about a year ago with twitching thumbs I ignored pain in arm from typing for months thought I had carpel tunnel

    Had electrode test on forearm everything looked normal

    Just would like to know if ET or Pd

    Thanks for comments. Will try another neurologist

  • guys that work with chainsaws experience damage that can become permanent I heard. not pd, can't recall what it's called.

  • Thanks

  • Rick

    I wonder what made you think this could be pd. thankfully it doesnt sound like it.

    PD is diagnosed on symptoms so if the only symptom you have is a tremor in one arm no neuro would diagnose that as pd. PD is a multisystems disease and tremor is only one movement sign but not eveyone with pd has tremor. Tremor is a late symptom too, usually appeas after bowel problems and loss of sense of smell among others.

  • Thank you for your comments very insightful. I do have bowl problems if I don't eat right but it has always been same for me

  • I have all the usual symptoms of pd but nothing wrong with sense of smell, don't have a tremor and my bowels work if I eat regularly. I skip meals.

  • .

    You didnt have typical symptoms or diagnosis here 999-666.

    You have confirmed PD now?

  • don't have a doctor, don't like neuro... suspect I speak wrong language..... don't know what to do.

    it's a backwater here, you're only going to get conventional thought medicine here, nothing worthwhile.

  • Hi 999-666 W here are you?

    All the usual symptoms - what are these?

  • Abitibi, Quebec, Canada..........movement disorder has spread to other side, speech deteriorated, useless writing hand. very weak, can't open pickle jar, but I sleep well!?

  • Rick, the person who replied that PD diagnosis is based on symptoms present and not tests is correct. Now, you might want to consult a different specialist to get a diagnosis for your arm problem. I had similar problem that lasted 6 months. Doctors said possibly "pinched nerve" from using a hand=held hair dryer with the same movements every day. The problem eventually disappeared and I was careful about not using repititious movement ever again. The fact that the tremor began with an injury should be key to getting a correct diagnosis and possible treatment/therapy.

  • Thank you I will so that

  • Just adding my 2cents. I rarely tremor however suspected I had pd all along dealt withl of stiffness, loss of smell, bladder etc. Progressed to difficult to stand from seated position. However movement specialist neurologist did not think know it was pd. Thankfully current neurologist did have the sense to try me 9n low dose carbolevo which has given me a relief. I can stand better walk better and much h less stiffness. It has given my life back. I now diagnosed with parkinsonism. I told my neuros I don't care if you can give me a name for this, but am so thankful for the meds. So glad he let me try them. Not to make more of this 5hen necessary but we know how we feel and like Michael Fox once said everyone gets a different mixes of symptoms hopefully whether you are dealing with something different from pd or not hope you can find a relef.

  • Rick, make sure to see a movement disorder specialist when you look for a new neurologist.

    For a long time, my only symptom was a right side tremor. My sense of smell is fine, and I still don't have the symptoms some parkies do. Everyone is different.

    If you contact the Parkinson's Foundation, they should be able to connect you to specialists in your area.

    Best of luck to you.

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