High sensitivity from PD

I have a sensitivity on my left side that makes me jump if anyone touches me. My left side is my tremor side in my left arm. I also slightly drag my left leg but half a sinamet camouflages both. But the sensitivity makes me jump if anyone touches me and it's particlarly hard on my husband. I can't stand sheets or blankets either. Just wondering if anyone else is in this predicament. Any ideas on what I can do about it? Thsnkyou!

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  • Im hyper reflexive too, on my bad side. But i still love blankets.

  • Yes accentuated startle reflex. Cant stand heavy blankets now.

  • Pain perception in Parkinson's disease


    Parkinson’s patients in unmedicated OFF state tend to be more sensitive to pain.

    Thinking is that the lack of dopamine causes the increased sensitivity.

  • I have that also but it is my legs the are so sensitive.

    My husband is getting tired of me blaming everything on Parkinson's .

    Not sure what to do about it.

  • I know what you mean..if you can get him to go with you to your nuerologist or possibly take him to a support group meeting. I can't do this but I've heard it works well.

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