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.i have had a rough time trying to be responsible when taking my meds whilst in hospital.the ward sister says Policy states you can't!

I have been in hospital to correct a twist in my bowel.

Whilst doing the surgery the surgeon put a hole in my euretha

Unnoticed for 9 days I returned with a huge blood clot.

I spent 6 weeks in hospital

Whilst there I wasn't given my meds on time, one day they missed two doses!

I asked to be given my drugs so as I could take them on time.

Nope. No way

I'm just at the start of writing to our health minister to get this policy amended.

Have any of you tried to administer meds?

Were you successful?

Any horror stories

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Buster thats dreadful, all of it. I do hope you are recovering well now.

Im guessing you are in the UK and if so PUK have an ongoing campaign to get meds on time in hospital. They ask for feedback and stories such as yours.


That hospital needs an education session on getting it on time. PUK might organise that too.

If you live in another country they may have a similar campaign.


That is dreadful. I've had experience of being in hospital and not getting my medication for another condition on time. I'm afraid I'm subversive. I take my own in and don't hand it over. I also make sure my husband has some that he can bring in,


You definitely have the right strategy. Exactly what I plan to do.


Hospital Dangers for Patients With Parkinson's - NYT.


Deterioration of Parkinson's disease during hospitalization: survey of 684 patients.



dosages and neuroleptic usage may prolong length of stay in

hospitalized Parkinson's disease patients.



In Australia all hospitals are obliged to let capable Parkinson's patients manage their own meds. I've sometimes had to insist on this, and resist pressure to take them at wrong times, but policy is on my side.


I spent 3 weeks in hospital with a twisted bowel and had ileostomy during this time I was able to access my medication and administer myself . The nurses were marvellous and checked to see if I had taken my pills


Had this very same problem! Now it's been corrected. My mom's neurologist wrote on a prescription pad that her Parkinson's medications be given at 7am 11am 3 pm and 7pm. He states in it "Treat this as you would a diabetic order" I made copies of it and laminated the original to protect it. I guess normally hospital pharmacies are allowed to decide when, and what combinations of medications can be given unless instructed as an "order" of medication by another physician, (your physician). Hope this helps it has us! One hospital didn't follow it and I called her neurologist right then and there and he called the hospital Pharmacy and raised he'll. Then they were given at the correct times from that point on.

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Oh I forgot to mention I love in Ohio, USA

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In fact they locked my Meds in a draw beside my bed

So from 15 mins before & 10 mins after each Meds time I rang the nurse bell

Didn't make any friends

Had a lot of nurses complaining about me to the change shift nurses right outside my door saying how difficult I was

& meal times were just as hard to get my meals at the right time as well

After a week of missing Meds & meals I was ropable

One of the nurses referred to me as one of them I asked what did she mean she said parkies

I was in a private hospital recovering from emergency back surgery in a private room & the whole time I was there the only time I received my Meds & meals at the correct time was the niteshift nurses & kitchen staff

Ended up begging my specialist to discharge me early

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