Panic attacks (off)

Panic attacks (off)

I have a few strategies for these unpleasant episodes. One is the 4-7-8 breathing: breath in (nose) four seconds, hold seven seconds, breath out (mouth) eight seconds... repeat. This is excellent and no side effects. It requires focus and is not possible in social, work, driving etc. situations.

Another I like is a warm bath and laying back with the water above the ears. Excellent, but not unless you are home (obviously)!

Mindfulness, or scanning I've tried and it's like bringing a squirt gun to a forest fire.

Any techniques that work I would love to hear from this group. One thing we all have that is precious to me is this shared nightmare.

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  • yes i agree seattlestir i walk about 8 kl per day 7 days a week breathing through my nose and exhaling out.100 push ups as well as bike it for my just keep doing what your doing and you will get 70 and i get by as we have to..regards john..

  • John thank you!

  • Before diagnosed with extreme anxiety, no amount of exercise or breathing would take care of my anxiety. Just meds.

  • This particular breathing exercise is excellent for Parkinson's because the holding portion of the exercise helps to strengthen the diaphragmatic muscles, which can weaken from PD. Also the long slow exhales signal to the heart that this is a time that "all is well". When we breathe quickly and shallowly, we can actually create angst leading to a panic attack.

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