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Antioxidant and Anti-Fatigue Constituents of Okra

Interesting tidbit.

Fatigue is a complex physiological phenomenon, which is defined as

difficulty in initiating or sustaining voluntary activities [1]. Apart

from increasing with age and presenting in cancer, depression, HIV

infection, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease patients, fatigue

is becoming a more and more common symptom in normal humans with the

increasing pace of modern life [2–4]. Large community surveys have

showed that more than half of the adult population complains about

fatigue [5,6]. Long-term accumulated or chronic fatigue not only lowers

the quality of life, but also leads to chronic-fatigue syndrome and

other organic illnesses. From.

Antioxidant and Anti-Fatigue Constituents of Okra.

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Okra, ? well at least it is not Kale!!!!!

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Aspergerian, I love okra. I crave okra. According to the internet, there are other people out there who crave okra, too. I eat it at least 3 times a week. It is high in magnesium, so that's why I thought I craved it. However, the nih article you referenced talks about it having an anti-fatigue factor. I do know that when I'm feeling particularly antsy, if I will just go cook and eat some okra, I'll feel better soon.

I grew up in the southern part of the U.S., where everybody eats okra. My mother grew lots of it in her garden, and during the growing season, we ate it several times a week. I now live in a part of the country where we can't get fresh okra very often, but the frozen is pretty good. I either steam it (yes, it's gets a little slimy but still tastes good), or I roll it in some corn meal and pan fry it in a little olive oil. Yum. I want some right now!


"Anti-fatigue factor"? Just think for 2 seconds what those 3 words literally mean. Could it be..anything that contains some usable calories. The researchers identified one nutritionally useful part of okra, unless you find the slimy skin useful, that is the seed, which contains a small amount of nutritional content (anti-fatigue factor). :) Levity is the best of healers.


Buzz, sorry it took me so long to respond to you.

I 'm glad this gave you a chuckle. Yes, levity is the best of healers. However, there is something mighty satisfying about eating a big plate of fried okra!

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I know, right. It tastes good, sort of the way crispy chips taste good.


Thank you for sharing your okra insights.

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