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Mucuna Puriens and its protease inhibitor

I have read that Mucuna Puriens contains a powerful protease inhibitor. (Proteases are digestisve enzymes that the body normally produces. They are required by the digestive process because they break down proteins into a usable form.) I have wondered if the reason Mucuna works so well is that its protease inhibitor keeps our digestive system from using any of the protein we've eaten, and, in effect, makes it as though we haven't eaten any protein. I am not saying this is the case. It's just a theory, and I'm wondering if anyone else has any knowledge about this.

I have tried to get specific details about Mucuna's protease inhibitor, such as how completely it inhibits the proteases in our body and for how long. However, I haven't found anything on these details yet. Does anyone know the answer to these questions? Thanks.

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Hi HeartSong, I do not believe that the protease inhibitors in Mucuna have much to do with its effectiveness. I am on the Amino Acid protocol of Dr. Hinz, where Mucuna is the central, most important ingredient. I ingest about 6-9 grams of D5 Mucuna (40% L-Dopa) per day. Like other parkees, I dare not eat protein with my meds: a handful of nuts seriously impairs the effectiveness of the meds. The "ON" period is shorter or non-existent in the presence of protein. So it appears that the protease inhibitors in Mucuna have little or no effect if they are overwhelmed by a handful of nuts. (CAVEAT: My mucuna is processed to reach a 40% level of L-Dopa. It is possible that most of the protease inhibitors have been removed from the powder, either by chance or deliberately.)


Thanks, dumpelkin. I did read somewhere that the protease inhibitors in mucuna can be deactivated with heat. However, heat that is too high will also deactivate the levodopa in mucuna. There seemed to be only a small window of opportunity to get the job done.

Is the mucuna that you take specially formulated for Dr. Hinz's program, or is it available to the general public?

Protein is so important in building strong muscles, and we PWP really need an adequate supply of it.


The D5 Mucuna Powder is special for the Hinz protocol, and not available to the public at large. It is also very pricey: about $218 for 270 grams.

At night. before bed, I drink 20 gm of protein with a glass of whey protein (chocolate flavored!) mixed in water. I also eat nuts at bedtime, and various protein foods for dinner. My manual strength (in my unaffected hand) has not diminished significantly--I can still unscrew the hellaciously tight lids on certain glass jars of applesauce!


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