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Falling over after DBS

I was very fortunate to gave undergone DBS surgery almost exactly two years ago at the JR in Oxford.

Almost every aspect of my symptoms have improved dramatically, the only problems I am left with is my totally illegible handwriting; my weak voice and, worst of all, the occasional fall for no reason!

I have been playing "walking football" for the last 20 months and, at first, I would fall over 2 or 3 times during the 1.5 hour session but now I fall over nearly every time the ball comes anywhere near me!

It is sooo frustrating - so I put myself in goal most of the time as I'm sure it must get on the other guys' nerves (although they never criticise me for it).

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to maintain my balance? I've heard Tai Chi may be good for it but would like to know if anyone has practical experience of it?

I know I should really just be grateful for the fact that I have improved so much after DBS - I couldn't even get out of bed until almost an hour after my first dose of meds had kicked in!!! So, I am not criticising the DBS in any way, I just want to improve my fitness levels as much as I can.

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I have found Tai chi is wonderful for balance. If you can find a teacher who is willing to focus on your particular challenges, the exercises can be targeted to addressing them Good luck. Ec


Tai chi, I have found is good for everyone but it takes a lifetime to master and is well worth it. Not a magic bullet.

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Are you fully conscious the whole time or are you fainting? If there is any possibility of the latter, do get checked or check yourself for orthostatic hypotension - a fall of systolic blood pressure of 20 points or more when standing up after lying down.


I presume your neuro surgeon knows about these problems, voice and balance are unfortunately compromised by dbs for some people. I do hope you find something to give relief.

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