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I have a neighbor who has PD, and his doctor, who also has PD, told him to purchase, and use a machine called "The Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine." I found them on several sites . . . around $250. The machine is supposed to get you and keep you in shape, which gives drastic aid and relief to those with PD. It is said the machine reduces tremors significantly, though it was not invented for that purpose. Anyone hear anything on this machine?

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  • hi vincea well i use a machine that does that type of thing its good it cost very little about 30 dollars i bought it from china it does things like that,,i even have slippers that does it to my feet.if you go into google and type in massage machines or ali express you can see them there.hope this helps they are good..

  • How do you use it for a tremor

  • Which one did u buy ..there are so many and did it help a tremor

  • well rosa well yes there are lots and all of them do a good job. i have 2 different case one breaks down.the one i use most it comes with a pair of slippers that connects with a pair of flip flops. thats great for the feet,,you can use it any time wish i could show you,,it also come with pads you can put on any part of the body.there are places were you can click that says shoulders.. waist joint,,hand and foot leg and repeat...over on the right side it says press rub vibrate.. in the middle is a pic of the outline of a man with 5 red dots on different parts of the works like acupuncture on the body..very easy to use i hope this helps..your p d friend john,

  • Will it help tremor

  • yes rosa it dont cure it but it helps when you use it,i use it all the time,,and its cheap.having pd i use it all the time..get the slippers they are very good as well.worth 30 dollers.

  • Cant afford 300

  • Thank you

  • my pleasure darlin

  • I have being saying for years now that the worst symptom of Pd is our loss of confidence. It stops us from trying many ways of dealing with Pd, We use walkers because we are scared of falling. That makes us walk with a bad posture with our backs bent. There is no recovery from that. I know I am suggesting that people with Pd can learn to walk properly and regain some of that lost confidence, but short of personally showing them how to walk, I don't see any alternative to the walkers.

  • Actually the gym I used to belong to had two machines

    It was great for post workout

  • I tried one today at my gym today and according to my trainer it's ideal for PDP. It's something new for me and il'm curious to see if it helps my balance.

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