Azilect withdrawal?

I'm wondering if anyone has has withdrawal symptoms stopping Azilect. I have early PD, mild left side tremors and minimal rigidity, and was given Azilect to try. After 3weeks I felt very drowsy during the day so with no appreciable difference in symptoms so decided to stop. Cut from 1mg to .5 and last night, the first night of cut, I had horrible RLS in arms and legs, it took me forever to get to sleep. I have had occasional instances of RLS before but rarely like this. Any thoughts?

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  • It took me a few weeks to adjust to taking Azilect, but then felt better with it. I was encouraged by the possible Neuro protection. I understand coming off would also be difficult and you probably need your Neuro to advise you.

    I experienced daytime sleepiness in the early days. Once over the shock of diagnosis I found it was possible to stay awake by keeping busy. I also started doing excercises specific for PD.

  • Did the sleepiness eventually go away? I exercise a lot and keep busy but found the sleepiness really uncomfortable.

  • Yes i believe sleepiness does get less but could take a while. Can it be taken at night?

    Maybe it is more effective than you realise, have you had rls since starting it?

  • No but I've rarely had RLS in the past -- the last time was a year ago when I had a salmonella infection and was taking antibiotics. I can't really tie this episode to anything but stopping Azilect but I guess I'll see what happens over the next couple of days.

  • It didn't exactly 'go away' but I can usually work through it. Occasionally I have a short power-nap in the armchair, setting the alarm for 10 minutes.

  • 3 weeks isn't very long to try azilect. I reckon it took 6 months before I had no side effects. Also it is more to slow progression than to treat symptoms, though it helped my fatigue quite quickly.

    Magnesium is helpful for restless legs.

  • I was told by my neurologist that Azilect does nothing for the symptoms of P D ,but it slows the progression of the disease.

  • Are you sure thas what he said. Its t he other way round. Azilect helps your body make the most of the available dopamine you have and has n o t been proved to slow t he progression.

  • Azilect helps me with small movements like typing, household chores, cooking. I take 0.5 in the morning & 0.5 around 4:00 & I don't have any side effects. I've been taking it for 13 years. Requip made me extremely sleepy.

  • I have been taking Azilect for one year. I recently stopped due to a surgery for two weeks. I did not notice a difference. I did resume taking the drug after the surgery.

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