I've defeated my loss of levodopa benefit that happens after eating protein

To start with, an update, I am back on the MP, no Sinemet at least unless I hit another obstacle unforeseen.

I hurt myself today eating some delicioooous bbq beef. It was soon after getting my dopamine right and I had been feeling pretty good actually. The beef protein began to rapidly bring me down, tremor getting worse and leg muscles becoming rigid. So I decided I would try what I used to do when I messed up when I was taking Sinemet, take more. So, following what I call Silvestrov method, I took some green tea extract and a small amount of C and I would have taken some fish oil but had none then I started waiting like I always do. I wait awhile to let that get into the blood before taking the MP. But pretty soon I realized taking the green tea extract and some C was all that was needed to get the levodopa back to flowing across the BBB, easing my tremor. I was back to walking good and that dose of MP kept working for over 3 hours. Yay! Green tea extract and 100mg C (childrens size), won't leave home again without it.

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  • Thank you for your post. How much MP do u take.

  • Simple answer, 400-500 mg L-dopa at a time.

  • Hi Buzz,

    If you're taking 400-500 MP l-dopa at a time, how many times a day do you take that dose? And were you taking the same size dose of Sinemet?



  • More complicated answer, I dose while on mp 4 times a day. Twice that often on Sinemet. But to be truthful I am already confronting a complication. While using Sinemet I complimented it with a product called GABBA-plex (contains a whole lot of things that are good for PWP). I am trying to add that in to the current MP regimen and finding I may need to reduce the dose of MP, for I get a bit hyperactive if I take 500 mg of MP and a cap of GABBA-plex at the same time.

  • I have tried MP several times, but get extreme dyskonesia after a couple of days. Anyone have a solution?

  • What is GABBA-plex? I Googled it and Minions came up? 😀

  • Hi! Its just the name of a product I buy from Swansons. Besides GABBA (gamma amino butyric acid) it also has piperidine and some relaxing stuff, which help me keep a good mood.

  • Thanks for posting. I ran into the same problem, eating a big beef sandwich. Green tea extract and Vit. C is something I have not tried. Thanks for the advice.

  • Do you take the green tea and vit c before you eat a protein meal ?

  • Never have yet. That which I posted has only happened once. I'm not even sure it is a reliable intervention at this time. I was just so surprised yesterday and posted enthusiastically. I've got my fingers crossed it will work for me the next time I eat too much cow. :)

  • Greetings. I am curious to know -- a few months later - if you've had a chance to replicate the green tea extract/vitamin C intervention on other occasions? Also, how much of the green tea extract do you take? And in what form? Many thanks..

  • Hi, thanks for asking. I sure do continue to do that, when I am "on" mucuna pruriens. I've been having trouble lately, since getting a reaction from a pneumnia immunization and subsequent antibiotics. But I can say, although I do not understand how it helps, that taking some additional green tea extract and a bit of vitamin C continues to help after eating a cheeseburger or something. The green tea extract tabs I use say they contain 47 mg of EGCG and I am taking half of a 500 mg chewable childrens vitamin C tab.

  • Many thanx, Buzz. Any particular source for the green tea extract? How much more concentrated is it than a good cuppa green tea? I am hoping it does the trick cos the slightest few grams of protein messes with levodopa. Chrs . M

  • No recommendation re brand but decaffeinated is my choice. I don't know how much EGCG is in a good cup of green tea. Why don't you give drinking green tea with a protein a try plus some vit C? Best wishes to you.

  • Excellent information. Thanks.

  • Sorry for being so dumb, just can't think what is MP.

  • Think it's mucuna puriens

  • What is MP

  • mucuna pruriens

  • mucuna pruriens

  • Are you in the USA.?Tried to buy some but was given the completely wrong order, sent me diet pills which I returned but left me about 130?dollars out of pocket plus extra to post them here to th UK.

    Thanks for such a prompt reply,nth ought it was Mucuna.

  • Yes I live in the USA. Doesn't it just screw up the day when an order is not filled correctly? The brand of mucuna pruriens I take (not endorsing it or anything) is Source Naturals and the specifics of the product are: Mucuna Dopa, 100 mg-120 capsules (mucuna pruriens seed extract, yielding 100 mg Dopa).

  • Thanks for your reply.

  • If you take Sinemet will taking Mucuna Purins in addition simply double the amount of Levodopa going into your body? And if you just take MP, will the effects wear off over the years just like Levodopa?

  • Well I know that could happen if taking Sinemet and MP at the same time and you take the necessary inhibitors to push MP's levodopa across your bbb. I have taken Sinemet during the day as needed when away from home and without access to my MP. No problems encountered with that practice. Time will tell if the benefit of using all-natural levodopa is what it is cracked up to be.

  • Hi BUZZ1397 what brand of MP do you take? I give Ron Solaray 333 mg but not sure that's the best

  • The brand I have is Source Naturals. They seem to be reliably standardized. I have not tried Solaray yet, do you like them?

  • Well, they are enteric coated. I guess in order to bypass the stomach and go directly to the gut. The capsule is as hard as a rock. But I think they work. Ron has Lewy Body Dementia and it's possible some of his hallucinations are caused by the Sinemet. He just went on the Exelon patch because he has been seeing people all over his house, and a few in mine. I'm at my wits end.......I'm starting to break his 25/250 Sinemet in half for his 3x a day. And I give him MP sometime later in the evening.

  • Oh, you are a caregiver. I hope your Ron stops having hallucinations.

  • Thanks, Buzz, I'm really scared. He's a caregiver as well, for his adult son, and I'm praying I can keep Ron cognizant enough to handle him until we can get him in a group home. Ron would just never admit he couldn't care for him anymore until recently. And I really believe that the unending stress Rons under has worsened his condition.

  • May God grant you, Ron and his son strength, peace and comfort.

  • faridaro thank you, and may God bless you 🤗

  • Thanks for the info! I just started using a small amount of MP and EGCG and am amazed at how much better I feel. I have wondered how I can cut protein out of my diet because I'm already underweight and don't do well without it.

  • Me too, I mean aboout not wanting to cut protein out. Nutritionists claim we only need a small amount of protein daily once we are grown adults. Have you tried a natural (oil on top of the jar) peanut butter and fruit preserve on toast sandwich lately? Mmmm...that is my substitute for the eggs and bacon I used to have for breakfast.

  • Be very careful about going vegan - be sure you consult a GOOD nutritionist to get adequate protein!

  • I am the odd duck. I eat lots of protein. My body is craving Protein. I was 6 foot 0 when I was first diagnosed and 159 lbs. I am now 190 which is the heaviest I have ever been. Also thanks for the coconut oil info. It would seem to me that it is getting rid of that stubborn belly fat.

  • I do not remember giving coconut oi info but that's probably because I forget where I am sometimes Hal. Hey Hal, what's the use in being normal? Its the crazy people in our lives that we remember. :)

  • INDEED !!!!!! the coconut oil was not from you specifically but a help non the less and I got that info. from this site.

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