Update on dr. Janice Walton Hadlock DAOM work from PD recovery.org


Here is her promised update on her research. She has some new answers on partial recovery from Parkinson's and how to remedy it.

When I first joined I mentioned her work, it is very interesting, especially for somebody that hasn't started their medication yet.

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  • Very interesting.

  • I find this very interesting. Since I realised that my reactions are not quite normal I have always described my default response to any challenging situation as "playing dead". Pause is an equally good description of the way my mind works even in relatively "safe" situations.

  • Wow! That was so interesting. Thanks for posting! I am definately going to follow this info up for my husband...

  • Sadly anyone who has been medicated with sinemet is advised not to do the program 😣😣My husband has been on it for over 20years....very sad as it makes perfect sense.

  • Thanks for posting. I was born with a club foot. While it was successfully treated I always lived with pain in my foot or knee and I learned to tune it out. When I saw this my jaw dropped! My symptoms started when I decided to go on a two week backpacking trip with my son which certainly mean a lot of challenging preparation and pain I tuned out. Shortly thereafter I had a terrible ski accident and it clearly felt like near death experience. Wow.

  • I had a datscan to diagnose my Parkinsons and was 90% depleted of dopamine???

  • It is norepinephrine Not dopamine. Mice with no dopamine can still function as long as they have norepinephrine

  • As you say, "it is very interesting." I read through about halfway but had to get ready for church. Will finish later today. Thanks, parkie . . .

  • If you get a chance please read her free for download books. I was simply blown away. When I joined this site I was in partial recovery. I don't think I had a foot injury however I do think when I was very young I gave myself instructions to stop feeling and be strong. What she is saying now makes so much more sense. Mary

  • Her site is very interesting.

  • I have her book, and this update is so interesting too! Thanks for sharing it.

  • Thanks for sharing. I haven't got as far as reading about the method for recovery in detail yet but it seems that her thinking along the same lines as Dr Joe Dispenza whose meditations I'm practicing. His books are titled 'Change the Habit of Being Yourself' and'You are the Placebo'. There are also many YouTube videos of him explaining the neuroscience behind the meditations. Check him out as well as his work is easy to access and implement. I'll be getting back to Dr Janice Walton Hadlock now! Best wishes.

  • I do have you are the placebo

  • Having read more of her new writing, it seems as if the Dr Joe Dispenza guided meditations are exactly what she's advocating - to change the habit of being you.

  • I probably need to read this again a little more thoroughly, but I don't quite understand why it's so dangerous for someone that's been on meds for 4 weeks to ? years? If someone can briefly explain that, it would be very much appreciated.

  • I am with you on that one I read and reread the section and I still don't really know

  • Thanks! That helps.

  • This is fascinating. Does anyone personally know of anyone who has been healed or at least had their symptoms greatly improve with Dr. Hadlock's method?

    I'm not trying to prove or disprove anything. I would love it if her method worked. But, bottom line, has healing actually occurred?

  • I don't know of anybody

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