Having side effects from taking Mucuna Pruiens, Sinemet and Rasagiline

I have just started taking Mucuna Pruiens and Sinement with a new prescription of Rasagiline. I have had two episodes where I have felt overly energized and a rush of energy with no Parkinson's symptoms but lasts about an hour and a half and feels as if I am on some type of speed. Has anyone taken these three together and had any problems? I've talked with my doctor and she eliminated the Mucuna until we meet in 3 days.

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  • Too much ldopa in one hit. Have had same experience with selegiline and sinimet and entacopone. I think the times of feeling high is significant - about the time your sinemet usually lasts?

  • Have you taken all three together with no problems?

  • Cant get rasageline where i live and havent tried to import mucuna. Have had that feeling though, had to stop selegiline (it was making the sinimet too strong )

  • rasageline should be available in june check with your rx

  • That would be true ... if all the world was the US or if the US rules applied to all the world. 🤗

  • A good Mucuna source which is organic in powder form can be found at: banyanbotanicals.com.

  • I had a heck of a time using their search box to find mucuna because the page would erase and change after 2-3 seconds, before I had time to enter the keyword.

    Here is the specific page on their web site where they sell mucuna/kapikaccchu powder--page also contains a link for liquid extract:


    I was disappointed that they made no mention of its relevance for treating PD, but, upon reflection, that makes good sense: they avoid having to include that humiliating medical disclaimer enforced by the FDA.

  • Some (not either of us) would not think that a rush of energy is a problem.Good for you to listen to your doctor. Rasagaline (Azilect) can have severe interaction with many things despite what the "latest studies"indicate. People have died. Be careful not to hurt yourself

  • What has been the situation in which people have died? Is there a better alternative?

  • Azilect has been tracked in connection to adverse events as are many drugs. Death is the most serious event of course. Death has been tracked by the FDA in connection to azilect administration. Events recorded by FDA by any pharmaceutical involved can be searched.



  • There might be a better alternative, I am not a physician. But I read that taking ubiquinol 3 times a day might slow down the progression of Parkinson's. That, slowing down, is what Azilect is for. Never heard of somebody dying from taking ubiquinol.

  • Read Mucuna vs Parkinson's it gives a lot of advise on taking Mucuna with or without these drugs, and was written by a neurologist. For what I read, you probably had to much l-dopa in you system. Mucuna l-Dopa is just as strong as levadopa, so you need to have you neurologist adjust your dosage. The suggestion in the book is to slowly substitute. The advanced is the natural levadope has virtually no side effects. Mucuna also has a natural MOA inhibitor as well as over 40 other co-factors which are not fully understood, but it seem to amplify the effecticy of the l-Dopa. You also may want to ad green tea extract and green oat extract. I've been managing my PD with only natural supplements for a while now. I've done it under the supervision of my neurologist, and it's meant adjusting what I take until I find what works best. I'm still not sure I've found it.

  • Very interesting. My husband is using it alongside Sinemet. Please could you let me have the name of the book and author. I've looked up Mucuna v Parkinson's and can't find it. Many thanks

  • I am also taking mucuna along with c/l. I just get the NOW product from the health food store and so far take 3 a day. You are lucky to have a neurologist that helps you with the dosage of mucuna. The book I read that explains mucuna is MUCUNA VERSES PARKINSON TREATMENT WITH NATURAL LEVODOPA by Dr. Rafael Gonzalez Maldonado.

  • Mucuna versus Parkinson. Treatment with natural levodopa by Rafael Gonzalez Maldonado (Author) you can find it on Amazon, he also has a few other books on Parkinson's see amazon.ca/s/ref=dp_byline_s...

  • I am also taking mucuna through Zandopa. The powder is mentioned on the book and can also be purchase at Amazon

  • Thank you. I think I need to adjust quantity of Mucuna and Sinemet as well as the timing. I will discuss with my doctor tomorrow and see if she is open to working with me.

  • Very important to take the "CR" - controlled release - version of Sinemet rather than the default immediate release version. With immediate release your dosage of levodopa is extremly uneven - way too much at first. The CR version gives you a nice even levodopa level for 8 hours or so - smooth as silk.

  • How much do you take of each I just ordered some zandopa

  • I take Sinemet only. Everyone is different so what works for me won't necessarily work for you. That said, the CR version lasts about 8 hours so you could try equally spaced doses at those intervals

  • I will discuss with my doctor. Unfortunately, I just received 90 day supply of Sinemet.

  • I've been taking "Now" - Dopa Mucuna for about 6 weeks now. This, alongside Ropinirole, and Azilect (rasagiline). I started this because of dyskinesias caused by Sinemet ( I know this, because as soon as I stop the Sinemet, the dyskinesias stop).

    I reduced Sinemet by cutting each 125mg tablet first into 2 then into 4, so tiny pieces.

    I stopped it altogether and substituted 3 x Dopa Mucuna a day instead. This wasn't enough on busy days, but quite sufficient for lazy days. If I know I am going to be active, I supplement my Mucuna with 1 or 2 tiny pieces of Sinemet, so 30mg or 60mg. This seems to make the levodopa in the Mucuna, more accessible. The downside is that the dyskinesias are more obvious.

    As with all PD meds, it's a case of balancing alleviating symptoms against any side effects.

    And Mucuna doesn't agree with everyone - but then neither does Sinemet!!

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