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Hey this punching exercise really helps. I was gifted a kick boxing padded tower thing by my sister. God blessed me with a supportive sibling. I find the repetitive impact against the padded tower 'wakes up" my fingers. I am not even hitting the thing very hard, not necessary to get the benefit. Now I see why Becky and others are doing the boxing classes.

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  • Boxing, running, weight lifting, bike riding, jumping rope, swimming, walking, getting up out of your chair 10 times, washing dishs, vacuuming, dusting, mowing the yard, working in your garden, any thing that requires you to use a muscle will improve your life. Sex if your are willing is the best.

  • Keep your pants on, I'm straight and happily married. :) hardeeharhar

    I know what you mean...sex can be an exercise if strenuous. Just kidding.

    Just finished punching the old bag... the kicking pedestal not my wife. :)

  • LOL!!!

  • ha ha ha!

  • Great priorities. You seem to be doing something right.

  • Rock Steady boxing is a program specifically designed for Parkinson's that now has an international scope. If there are any RS offerings in your area I highly recommend you check it out. Great help in restoring some relief from a lot of PD symptoms.

  • My local gym, that focuses on the fitness goals of those 55 and older, is starting Rock Steady Boxing this summer. I can't wait! I still have to do the LSVT BIG exercises and want to go to classes as we.. Baily, you are correct. We have to move.

  • Boxing is very helpful. I've been going to Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) for over 10 years and I have experienced great benefit from the classes. As I've mentioned, it's non-contact boxing only for PwP's and we do many other exercising as well. We do stretching, run/walk, jump rope, weights, jumping jacks, fine motor skills, voice projection, and various obstacle courses. And, they have modifications for all levels of progression. Ages run from the 20's thru the 90's.

    BUZZ1397 If you go to rocksteadyboxing.org or YouTube and do a search, you can watch some videos & get an idea of the different types of things we do during our classes. It may be helpful for your workouts at home, especially if you don't have an RSB close to you. There ae now over 376 RSB's all over the world. It helps to go to a class and get some benefit of the camaraderie and support of the other boxers, but incorporating the boxing in your routine will help also.

    Note: Sex is one thing we do NOT do in class. (just had to add that note in response to Bailey & Buzz's comments)

    Keep fighting!


  • Thanks for your support laglag. I am just not lucky enough today, the closest RSB place is about 90 miles south of here in a metropolitan area north of Houston. Out of my comfort zone to drive so far into big city traffic and too far from my duties in caring for my spouse. But I think I can get a YouTube video up on the big screen and roll the kick box tower into the living room. Yay!

  • I understand your situation. The videos won't give you a step by step view, but some of them might give you a few ideas. Music helps.

  • BUZZ1397

    Here's a few that might help:

    Here's a fun one:

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