Stress can cause many symptoms

My 77 year old PD husband had a horrible three months getting our taxes ready. This is a man who took advanced math courses in college to RAISE his grade average. He couldn't concentrate, felt awful to have his brain "shot.". He started having trouble breathing, no energy, no appetite, horrible restless legs, no sleep and gained 20 pounds. He was pretty much slamming up against the wall most of the time. He acted daffy and I felt like running away from home.

The day after he finally got those taxes in, he woke up with a much clearer head, found himself smiling and had enough energy to get back on his exercise bike. He is planning outings and complaining about being bored .Instead of the ball of misery I was living with, who appeared to be on his way to needing a care home, he is back to being a man who can enjoy life.

I looked up stress and it stated that stress tightens all the muscles, causes big problems ,including those to the brain. It immobilizes. I totally believe that now. He will never be allowed to do taxes again if I have my way. He took a diuretic and lost 20 pounds. None of his doctors could find a reason for his fatigue and dyspnea. They did heart and lung tests. As far as I can tell now, stress can have a lot to do with PD symptoms seeming worse. More pills don't help. Relaxing, and some exercise does.

I'm an RN, so I don't believe this was a "pie in the sky" happening. It really works to avoid stress.

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  • I had to retire from my job as a land surveyor because of the stress. if some one called with a problem i would shut down i could not move my brain just would not work. Stress brings on my symptoms an pills do not help but doing some exercise would it just took my mind of the problem.

    My family keeps all drama from me. This helps a lot.

  • My husband is land surveyor and I understand you better than you think - it's a very stressful job... There are always seem to be problems with plan drawings, construction workers negligently moving equipment over stakes, tight deadlines, especially when the weather doesn't cooperate, and many more. He releases that stress by playing tennis couple of times a week - chasing a ball on tennis court takes his mind off the problems :)

  • Stress can make PD symptoms worse in PwP to varying degrees. I stress out at tax time (and other situations) as well, but not as much as your husband. Wish him well and find a good tax person.

  • Stress is terrible, really the only thing that brings on my PD symptoms. Usually my daily regimme controls things so well that a lot of people would never know I have PD. Aunt Bean

  • Aunt Bean. I'm takeing some macuna in between my sinamet. My sinamet is a very low dose. Half a 50/100 twice a day. But when I'm under stress I need something more. My question for u is how much macuna or atre morine is ok to take?

  • I haven't tried mucuna but a few times. It seemed to strong for me. Fava beans are more of a gentle support. For stress or anxiety attacks the fava flower tincture seems to work well. Check on line...I did see a supplier for that sometime as a fava flower essence .I do make my own tincture of flowers ,but do not sell from my limited supply

  • Oh, I know rhyspeace12 ! My partner has just been dx with Lewy Body and still has his disabled adult son at home. We are praying for a group home space to open up ASAP to move his son into, because the stress is unrelenting for Ron! Take care!

  • Of course you are right. Studies have proven symptomology of PD gets worse, when there is a lot of stress. As a PD patient myself, there's been a couple of times where I've been put under stress, and my PD symptoms really flared up. I try to avoid stress like the plague. Life is stressful, so I meditate to keep my emotions under control, which does help.

  • Great story . I think stress really plays havoc with our system when we have PD.. The fluid retention which responded to the diuretic could have played a part in his dyspnea and heart / tiredness do you think?

  • Yes, that makes sense, his lungs could have been affected by the fluid retention. He would show me how hard his abdominal area felt and then it softened after the diuretic. The diuretic was our idea though, thathis GP went along with.I learn a lot more from afflicted PDers than I do his neurologist who seems to feel so superior to his patents. His GP is supportive but hates to question the neurologist. We are lucky to have any neurologist that will even treat patients with our insurance , so, nothing really goes smoothly.

  • I suggest thats something to look out for as he could well develop fluid retention again and not related to stress. Could be a bit of CHF related to aging. You might want to discuss with your GP.

  • Next year it will be well worth it to pay someone to prepare your taxes :-)

  • I'll cut off his fingers before I let him try to do our taxes again!

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