The Blonde and the Milkman :)

The milk man knocked, and the blonde opened the door and said,

“Why it’s the milkman. You’ve just what I need, follow me.”

The milkman (carrying his milk caddy) followed the blonde into her bathroom where she pointed at an empty bathtub.

The blonde said, “Can you fill this bathtub with your milk please?”

The milkman said yes ma'am, “Do you need this milk to be pasteurized?”

The blonde replied as she slipped off her robe,

“Just enough to cover my boobs, I can splash it over my eyes.”

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  • OK I get it and it only took me reading it 4 times.

  • Loved that movie. I see all the kids movies with my grandbabies.

  • I'm feeling very perspicacious today. I only had to read the joke twice.😊

  • My father told me that joke 40 years ago. I guess it's time for a revival.

  • Oldie, yep

  • This took me a while to get. Rather than admit that I'm slow, I'm going to blame it on the fact that my family never joked when I was growing up --everything was very serious business.

  • That was an old Benny Hill song...

  • So, solve the mystery for us. Which one of them has Pd?

  • I do not have clear understanding of the mean ing(?) of your question. Just in case it was meant to be negative, sorry if you didn't get a laugh. I tried to be helpful. I find jesting to be good medicine. Just don't pick on me, I have a lot of Karma to burn off. :)

  • Well, on the subconscious level, the one with PD would be me. I am the milkman and the blonde, else I wouldn't see the humor of it.

  • I was merely jesting, not picking on anybody! This is a blog on Pd.

  • stevie3 said "That was an old Benny Hill song..."

    I used to love Benny's shows, we only saw them here many years after they were shown in Great Britain. Know the music by heart but he was a sad character in real life. I also saw every Carry-on movie ever made which is less than 100 I think. Innocent British style Low brow slapstick humor with mild sexual theme , can't beat it for relaxation. No potty mouth standup comics reminding you that Trump is Prez and world sanity is in a hand basket heading to places unknown. Got another one Buzzz.????

  • Sure. There is a thrice married-divorced, fourth roll of the dice Neurologist worried that his marriage to his 4th wife is about to go on the rocks over some bedroom problems. One afternoon he calls home to confide in his lovely paramour of his apprehensions. Eventually he asks her to always let him know when she has her orgasm. She replies, "But you told me never to call you at the office."

  • I needed a laugh. Thank you.

  • I still don't get it? HAha

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