If I can shoot 38 at Golf nine holes, why can't I brush my teeth?

I essentially gave up golf four years ago when I got my diagnosis Six months ago, I started back. Please find that I am as crummy as I ever was. Last week however, I had three miraculous birdies on the back nine, shooting a 38. If I can shoot 38, why can't I brush my teeth?.

Moral of story: don't limit yourself!!!

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  • I am the same way with bowling. Last time I went I had 4 strikes in a row. Just enough enjoyment that I want to go again.

  • As I have said on another post: All movements that we are able to do, without having to think about what our arms and legs are doing, are all controlled by our subconscious brain. You don't think about what your hands are doing, when you clean your teeth, it is automatic.

    If you want to consciously move the toothbrush up and down or side to side, do each movement consciously, which will be quite slow to begin with. It will get faster and faster. Otherwise, do what I did, get an electric toothbrush!

  • An electric toothbrush helps, for sure!

  • I am not on this website to sell my book, but, it is full of useful tips on how to deal with many Pd symptoms, and in it I tell you how I was able to come off all Pd medication after 8 years of doing fast walking.

  • Similar to not being able to speak but can sing , not walk but can ride. Bike. .

    It's the smaller tighter , turning tight corners that are difficult the larger longer movements easier.

    Doing a buttons difficult

  • Thanks for the post........ yesterday I shot a 106 and decided it was time to hang up the clubs. But after reading this I'm going to continue to go out there and swing away!!!!

  • Using different muscle group. Keep up the good work

  • Thanks for the support

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