Project 'EMMA': People with PD may be able to write again :D

Project 'EMMA': People with PD may be able to write again :D

"Today at Build 2017, Microsoft unveiled many cool new technologies, but there was one particular announcement that truly touched the hearts of many in attendance. Called "Emma," it is a wrist wearable that can help people suffering with Parkinson's disease.

"Zhang believes Lawton’s brain is at war with itself -- half is trying to move her hand, the other half is trying to stop it. The two signals battle and amplify each other, causing the tremors. The device stops that feedback loop," says Microsoft."

Full article:

"As you can see in the above video, the wearable instantly improved the quality of life for Emma."

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  • Emma is doing a daily report on YouTube this year. Look for 'Emma Lawton PD365'

  • Wonderful! Where can I buy it?

  • My question, too. The creator, Ms. Zhang, has never replied to my 3 emails. If I ever hear from her, I'll report back to y'all.

  • Is it on the market yet? If so, how much is it?

  • Apparently, it is still far away from the market place. A lot of research needs to be done first, all the more so since PD is so wildly variable amongst its victims.

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