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Brain Activity and Music

Has anyone seen this? It's probably fairly old news.

Don't know if it's relevant to PD but it kinda ties in with the Prof Gershom Zajicek theory I posted earlier.

I've gone back to the classical guitar after giving it up because my left hand was giving me trouble. I feel that my tremors are not quite as bad after a practice session. Or am I just experiencing some kind of placebo effect or afterglow? Has anybody experienced this too?

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Keep strumming away. I started playing video games again because it is a great way to strengthen hand, eye and mind coordination. It took me a year to become competitive but I have the time.


I play bass in a jazz group. My left hand gives me trouble. I can't play as well as I once did. Sinemet makes playing easier. But between tunes my left hand shakes like crazy. Still I persevere. After a couple of hours of music my brain feels lit up and I'm in a much better mood. I can actually feel my brain being turned on.


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