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This day is turning out to be better than expected. I did my first session with a hypnotist at noon. He never took on a case like mine before, but he did his research in advance before our session today. I feel pretty great so far and have already noticed some improvement. Going to go back a few more times to drive it home and I will certainly follow up with everybody here.


He offers a free consultation if anyone in the area (Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Florida) is interested.

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  • We live in Texas but am deeply interested. Can u elaborate on HOW it is you feel better. Also, what can hypnosis address and/or what would be a good issue to begin with for those with PD?

    Than you for the pioneering idea!

  • I was studying hypnotherapy at one time all I needed to do was take the final test. You get put in a relaxed state by some sort of induction and you are more open to the power of suggestion. You can self heal too.

  • For one thing, i havent had any sort of tremor since i sat in the hypnotists chair. He suggested a way to reduce anxiety by disassociating bad memories, such as being diagnosed with pd, from who you actually are as an individual. Pd is very nerve wracking, and anxiety abounds. Hes helping me put it in the rear view mirror and live more in the present moment.

  • I like that. H

    In your learnimg experience in training to be a hypnotherapist, is there any chance of harm or making mindset worse?

  • If you can't afford the hypnotherapy you might like to try a free mindfulness course online



    Mindfulness is all about living in the moment and it has definitely helped me

  • Living in the moment is something the Hypnotist emphasized today!

  • Dont know if t his is coincidence or if its really working, but today I felt the best Ive felt in many years. Follow up appointment with the hypnotist tonight in half an our. Stay tuned!

  • Bassofspades,

    Please keep us informed how your hypnosis therapy is working for you.

    What has your therapist set as short-term and long-term goals?

    Does he/she give you things to do to help your therapy?

    I wish you well!


  • Since this is his first parkinsonism case, we set no expectations. No homework. Just an experiment. So far we are having success! Not perfect, but a huge improvement. I say it was worth trying. Still 3 more sessions to go, for a total of 5.

  • Checking in to see if u have had any more hypnosis sessions since ur last post and how they are helping u. Thanks!

  • I have had 4 sessions, plus one coming up soon today. The first session made an incredible difference, but the follow up sessions didn't do anything much to add to the first. The differences I feel are way less anxiety and 90% less tremors, and for some reason, less fatigue / more endurance throughout the day. Its amazing! I kid you not.

  • I talked with my husband's psychologist and he is not trained in hypnosis, but he said he thought in order to address anxiety through hypnosis that there would have to be something specific to target in regard to the anxiety, rather than just general anxiety. Again he is not trained in hypnosis, so he was speculating and trying to be helpful. Can u comment on that if it makes sense to u? My husband's anxiety manifests mostly in pacing, sniffing and an overal nervous look. Happy you are feeling so much better.

  • I always have wondered which came first - Parkinsonism or anxiety? Chicken and egg syndrome. Around the time I first noticed any symptoms, but long before I had any idea of a Parkinsonism diagnosis, I had relentless anxiety - about everything and nothing at all. This lasted for years and just got worse and worse until my first hypnosis session. I think theres a neuro chemical or neuro cellular connection and I firmly believe it is dopaminergic in nature. At our first session, while under hypnosis, he talked me through relaxing as deeply as I ever relaxed in my life and then suggested the horizon was in the rear view mirror, fading farther and farther away. Thats all it took, right there. I cant explain it any better than that, and I dont know for sure why, but its working. Try it with no expectations and Im sure you'll get some sort of benefit from it.

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