How common is it for parkinson's patients to have such severe fatigue/lack of energy that they can take 3 steps and have to sit down and pant? Also how common is it to sleep 20 to 22 hours a day?

The sleeping came on suddenly but seems to be ongoing, the lack of energy has been going on for a few months now. He was diagnoses in 2012 and has been pretty good on Stalevo for all these years, now recently he got out of sink with taking his meds on time and ended up very shaky all over and inability to speak plus serious hallucinations, he was hospitalized on Easter Sunday. Bit mistake as they did not give him his meds at all and seemed completely unaware of proper PD treatment, they did start him on a anti-psycotic and he went home after two days still hallucinating. That finally stopped after a couple more days on the meds they started.

I am trying to figure out if this is a permanent change downhill, as I say it came on very suddenly for the most part.

It makes toileting much harder to deal with and he is now sleeping on the couch downstairs permanently, or until we get a bed down there. I wanted to get him a hospital bed but after his stay in the hospital he wants nothing to do with a hospital bed. Hope I can change his mind and I wonder if Medicare would cover it. [we live in west virginia, USA]

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  • I can only answer your fatigue question. Chronic fatigue is most definitely a part of the PD package, however I do not think excessive sleeping is and I would suspect that is being caused by one of his medications. Mind you I have no medical education so take everything I say with a bunch of salt.

  • hi sorry hear that as i did some thing simular im here in australia my name is john,i spent 5 days in hospital i have been a pd for about the same time i restarted my meds again and im back to the same .tell him to try 1 azilect with his meds as it helps me..another thing helps i have a massaging machine i use on feet and shoulders it helps with the pain they are cheap to buy i bought mine from china with slippers and pads some were between 30 and 35 dollars.to get them to were you live..i hope this helped..john.

  • What you describe is not Parkinsons. Something else is very wrong. If he has not already seen a doctor , take him to hospital emergency now. If he will not or can not go, call an ambulance, now.

  • GymBag, which are you referring to when you say the symptoms she talks about in her husband are not PD.. the fatigue, the sleeping for such a long time or the hallucinations?

  • Agree with GymBag!

    Am hoping you are seeing a neurologist, have written down his meds, he has an alert bracelet or is information on his pd is in his wallet. I try to be with my husband at all times, but we know that's not always possible.

    ER will treat a PD patient differently if they know this. My husband was in an accident at work. When the police told me that they were taking him to the hospital, I told them that he has PD - I was in the ER triage and kept repeating this and that he had DBS and couldn't have MRI's. If surgery needed to be done, his DBS would need to be deactivated.

    Hope all works out. It will take a few days to get him back on med routine. Prayers

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