Treatment completed for all patients in Parkinson’s trial

LCT has completed treatment of all six patients in the third and final group of patients in the Phase IIb clinical trial of NTCELL® for Parkinson’s disease, at Auckland City Hospital.

Four patients had 120 NTCELL microcapsules implanted into the putamen on each side of their brain, and two patients had sham surgery with no NTCELL implanted. To date there are no safety issues in any of the six patients.

LCT is blind to the results until 26 weeks after the completion of group 3 of the trial. The results will then be analysed in accordance with the statistical plan and the conclusions announced. This is anticipated to occur in November 2017. Thereafter the patients who received the placebo will receive the optimal treatment.

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  • Thank you Catlou. I did not know of that company ( lctglobal.com/ )

    Keep us posted, if you will.

  • This is different from the clinic in California. I could just image the price. They are out to make a profit and they will. Buy their stock haha.

  • Catlou

    Apologies but can you expand on this - which clinic in California and the comment on price meaning it is bound to be expensive and refers to lct.?

    Do you know where these trials are being carried out?

  • Be 's clinic in La Jolla. Trials in new Zealand I think

  • Decidingvwhich clinic in la jolla is a bit challenging, maybe it was this one you meant?


    Its for stem cells

  • 4 ?

    Patterns. noooooo

  • Hahaha

  • 4 had 3 replies -4 likes I just had to make it 4 with 4 replies 4likes and the answer is 4 giving you 4 4s ( ok so I am the only one amused )

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