I have fallen 3 times. First time getting out of bed in the middle of the night my feet got mixed up and I went down softly on the carpet. No big deal. The next time going up my mom's steps while also drinking water and my legs forgot how to do two things at once. I learned while going up or down stairs, don't multitask. Friday night I was running away from my grandson when we were playing and I decided I would run faster than usual and not let him catch me for once, he is 7 and pretty speedy. My right toe on my shoe just caught somehow on the hardwood floor and I went sprawling face-first. Took most of the brunt on my elbow which is broken and my mouth which would be in pretty bad shape except it landed on my hand. My hand got cut and my face bruised and one chip in my tooth but that could have been so much worse if my hand hadn't been under my mouth. My son took me to the ER and got x-rays and all that business and now I have a temporary cast on my arm until I can get to the orthopedist this week. really hoping I don't have to do surgery and put a screw in there. I guess I have to change my ways. My grandson and I get pretty rowdy. He is an only child so when I go over I'm the playmate. I will have to be the more sedate boring playmate from now on. Just wanted to let you all know the latest on the exciting PD front. I'm sure a lot of us have falling stories. This is going to cramp my style as far as my new exercise program. And everything else come to think of it. I am learning how to do things one handed and fortunately have a big helpful loving family although I do live alone. Except for the cat who seems to always be under my feet so I have to be super careful.

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  • I have two grandsons and six cats. I have yet to fall. I hope that day never comes.

  • Good, Roy. Keep it that way! It is a shock and I felt quite unequal to the stress. PD and stress don't coexist well. Came home and took half a xanax...it helped.

  • I'm sorry you fell. That happens so fast there's not much you can do. Hope you heal quickly.

  • Thank you, laglag! You are right, it happens so fast and that is part of the shock. Didn't seem real. I had to ask my grandson to go get his mom to help me off the floor. Poor little guy! He took it pretty well. I heard him say, oh grandma. Rather plaintively. A story for his life.

  • Hi, I am so very sorry. I learned the hard way not to wear scuffs or flip flops. Wishing you a speedy recovery period Mary

  • Thank you! I kind of thought and different shoes it wouldn't have happened.

  • By all means exercise due caution going forward, but also find a sandy beach or sand dunes where you can run and play all out without bad consequences if you fall.

  • I like that idea and I have no excuse because I live about six blocks from the beach. It's amazing how much I don't go there considering how close it is.

  • Helmets, wrist bands, knee pads, more rugs,

    Break a hip and you could spend the rest of your life in a wheel chair

    no, really.

    time to get serious,

    throw out those slippery moving mats , hand holds every where you need one, toss the loose shoes and slippers, use a walker when you need it.

    no really,

    break a hip and it hurts like hell

  • You're right. It is time to take this seriously. My family has given me lots of lectures on slowing down. I have always been a dynamo and gotten things done but this is a new age and I know we all have to make adjustments. Damn!

  • You sound like a real great grandma. You have already told yourself the answer to your problem, and that is to do one thing at a time. You will never run fast anymore, so get used to it. Don't stop playing with your grandson, just change the rules and do things that are in your favour, like mental arithmetic or scrabble (joking).

  • Thank you, John. I like that. That was a sweet response. My grandson has already said that if I need to I can lie down and watch him play with Legos. Pretty funny. He can use me as bumpy Terrain. Yep, time for adjustments.

  • Falling and getting hurt has been a big problem for me, over the last few years, so I can relate. I've fallen out of bed, too. One problem that I have now, that I didn't used to have, is that once I start falling , I can't stop it, I just lose balance and fall. Recently, I've been very careful, always have good shoes, and watch where I'm walking. I couldn't run, if I had to. I enjoy having a lot of fun with my grandson, but I don't get rambunctious, I just watch him, and laugh!

  • Face planted on stone front of porch son couldn't stop me. Black eye bloody nose torn up hand. Nothing broke. My little 6 pound dog runs out of my way she knows better.

  • Poor all of us! I wish my cat was as smart as your dog!

  • My 9 pound keeps getting under my feet. I am convinced she is stupid.

  • Try not to mock her with the fact that her brain is the size of a walnut. Mine is significantly larger, I think, and I'm quite amazed at the idiocy I get up to.

  • Back from orthopedic surgeon. Broken ulna in arm, I have to have surgery Monday to put a screw in. My teeth are okay, dentist repaired the chip. I really feel I got off lightly and learned a big lesson.

  • OUCH. !!!!!!!!

  • Amen....ouch!!

  • There are professionals here that come to your house and evaluate it for safety , usability , access etc. and then the government gives you back some of the money they took from you as taxes over the years to help pay for implementation of the recommendations. Chair glides for stairs, hand holds and railing ,walk in showers, eradication of all cats etc. Part of an effort to keep older people at home and out of hospital and nursing homes. Maybe you have similar.

  • Eradication of all cats, hahaha! Run Cheddar, run!

  • We did this recently for my 95 year old mother. I think it was the Visiting Nurses Association that sent somebody out and had us moving rugs, taping down other ones etcetera. Very helpful. I think the main thing for me is to quit acting like I'm still 25. I have always been so athletic and active and impetuous. A new phase begins...

  • Unfortunately, Gymbag, such home modifications are not paid for by the government, unless one qualifies for one of the Medicaid Waiver programs that are administered by the local Area Agency on Aging here in the US. There are usually other non profi organizations that may be able to help with the costs. Your suggestions, however, are right on. My sweet elderly cats have passed, and at 70 years old, with PD, my partner and I decided to be pet free going forward.

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