I just received another yearly evaluation on current symptoms. I remembered the list 5 things, how many animals can you name in a min. I named 26, same as last year and the year before. I again remembered the 5 things list and it took me 7 sec. from chair to 20 yards out and back again 7 sec. It is my understanding that a lot of neuros use the same test. Now where was I going with this, oh yes, the watch.

One of the questions I was asked was do you work out ? I said once in a great while but then remembered that my watch displays high intensity work out and the average was an hour and a half a day.

So to some up, I don't feel like I am working out but the watch says I put in a constant 1.5 hours a day. I am looking to see if any body else thinks the app, is extremely generous. When I do work out the needle is off the charts and I feel like I am taking it easy. Not bragging just wanted to know what your thoughts are on those who are doing the trial.

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  • What are the five things?

  • It's part of the test procedure. You are told the name of 5 different items and asked to remember them. The questioning then continues for some time then you are asked to name the 5 items - sounds easy but not for some.

  • Now if I told you, that would be cheating. It would seem that all the tests use the same 5 words.

  • Thank you for responding. I thought this would be a good topic but it is as quiet as a tomb.

  • That doesn't sound too onerous. I had to remember a much of random words that bore no relation to another. I made up a little story that incorporated them all. Otherwise I don't know how I would have kept them stored in my extremely deficient brain.

  • Watch an episode of Survivor where the task is to remember things. A month of starving the brain of sleep and nutrition, probably resemble in a small part a taxed Parkinson's brain.

  • O K it has been over a week and nobody wants to talk about our Fox Insight programs / app.??? I know there has to be a couple of you out there.

  • your " killing " me Fox

    Does any one know when the Fox Insight Wearable program will be up and running again.

    or " does anyone have any tape?"

  • YAY Fox Insight is back up and running. I have become addicted to it.

  • No idea what these aps are Serenity

  • Sorry I responded to myself. My biggest issue is the high activity time feature. I do not know what their criteria is but I have found that my baseline is 1.5 hours of work performed a day. If I start to feel run down I will review the last few days of work that I did. Sure enough, I will see numbers of 2 to 3 hours and my reserves are depleted. If I have a restful day I can start to refuel.

  • Interesting Serenity

    From posts on other threads it seems some people are energised by exercise while others feel the opposite and loose energy.

    I cant exercise if I am 'off'as my muscles feel so weak.

  • How come you are not part of the trial, if you qualify its free.

  • The MM helps ME !!! to avoid off times. Depending what you eat the chemicals stay in your body all day long so very little down time. It does what Rytary did for me but even better. I like pharmaceuticals but only to get me to a base line. I like to be in control of that 20 % to self medicate. It might just be my desire of control.

  • Please define "MM".

  • medical marijuana

    This is not how I spend my days.

  • Thanks. I guess you meant to write, "This is now how I spend my days." :) The doobie makes for groovy day dreams

  • Actually I have found that I respond much better ingesting the thc/cbd than vaping. You can check out my a word from our sponsor post.

  • Hi Hikoi, if I interject inappropriately I apologize. I only wanted to say that I identify with the latter group of people. I mde myself walk 20 minutes on a walking path earlier today and I have felt terrible since. :(

  • Yep, exercise makes me feel bad about a hour after to 48 hours.

  • The Fox Insight Wearable, study? I had a wristband break so I bought a new one and repaired it. At the same time app was being modified. I can finally monitor my daily activity now.

    It would seem that nobody else has one. A bit of a surprise for me.

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