I just received another yearly evaluation on current symptoms. I remembered the list 5 things, how many animals can you name in a min. I named 26, same as last year and the year before. I again remembered the 5 things list and it took me 7 sec. from chair to 20 yards out and back again 7 sec. It is my understanding that a lot of neuros use the same test. Now where was I going with this, oh yes, the watch.

One of the questions I was asked was do you work out ? I said once in a great while but then remembered that my watch displays high intensity work out and the average was an hour and a half a day.

So to some up, I don't feel like I am working out but the watch says I put in a constant 1.5 hours a day. I am looking to see if any body else thinks the app, is extremely generous. When I do work out the needle is off the charts and I feel like I am taking it easy. Not bragging just wanted to know what your thoughts are on those who are doing the trial.

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  • What are the five things?

  • It's part of the test procedure. You are told the name of 5 different items and asked to remember them. The questioning then continues for some time then you are asked to name the 5 items - sounds easy but not for some.

  • Now if I told you, that would be cheating. It would seem that all the tests use the same 5 words.

  • Thank you for responding. I thought this would be a good topic but it is as quiet as a tomb.

  • That doesn't sound too onerous. I had to remember a much of random words that bore no relation to another. I made up a little story that incorporated them all. Otherwise I don't know how I would have kept them stored in my extremely deficient brain.

  • Watch an episode of Survivor where the task is to remember things. A month of starving the brain of sleep and nutrition, probably resemble in a small part a taxed Parkinson's brain.

  • O K it has been over a week and nobody wants to talk about our Fox Insight programs / app.??? I know there has to be a couple of you out there.

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