Hep B correlates w/PD, so...is recombivax HB safe


If being infected by Hepatitis B is statistically a valid probability factor for a future diagnosis of PD, then the antibodies must be involved in the death of oour dopamine producing neurons, I believe. Whether the antibodies help or hurt our chances should have been already determined by researchers. Does anyone know about it? I'm curious because like many that work in the health field I received the series of I.M. injections with the antigen Recombivax HB to make my body produce Hep-b antibodies. Never stop wpndering why I was cursed with this disease, need closure about Recmbivax HB if anyone has some reassuring knowledge..

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  • Buzz

    Interesting research.

    Does it actually state that Hep antibodies cause neuronal cell death ?

    Tthere is a correlation btwn Hepatitis and PD, ie higher incidence PD in people with hepatitis., but correlation doesnt prove causation. In the article I read

    "It is possible that the hepatitis virus itself or perhaps the treatment for the infection could play a role in triggering Parkinson disease or it's possible that people who are susceptible to hepatitis infections are also more susceptible to Parkinson disease. We hope that identifying this relationship may help us to better understand how Parkinson disease develops,” concluded lead investigator Julia Pakpoor, BM, BCh, ......"

    Also a previous study from Taiwan showed a relationship between hepatitis C and Parkinson’s disease, but it did not show any relationship for hepatitis B.

  • Hikoi, I get that there has been no causative relationship proven. That is what is troubling for me, the inconclusive (all over the place) findings of researchers that have looked into the statistics about occupational risks for PD. You know? Farmers (farm chemicals) I get that, but clergy and teachers (?). And some researchers found a higher risk among health service workers that must receive the Hep shots (exposure to Hep-b & C) but others found no such statistical risk. And artists!? Why are artists such a low risk pop. segment. Makes me wish someone would be more rigid in performing research and get some closure for me on this single possible risk factor, Recombivax-HB. Narrowing of focus is what I'd expect when these people are spending public funds to perform research. I don't see it when I read research summaries. What I see appears to be obfuscation by way of broadening focus. Shouldn't the researchers use farmers as a control for example when calculating the strength of factors for other study groups. Your thoughts are welcomed.

  • I dont have an easy answer Buzz. What you are asking is if the hep vaccine acctually causes PD arent you?

  • The recent findings that there is a 75% greater risk of being diagnosed with PD dailymail.co.uk/health/arti... if you have been affected by contact with Hepatitis B _or C are concerning me because I want to know if being "vaccinated" puts one into that class of the population considered affected by contact. I am not a bio-chemist or a physician. Wishing for professional opinion. Have you professional thoughts on this?

  • Nope

    All i know is self taught since getting pd.

    Can i ask what it is that is concerning you as you have already been diagnosed havent you, i guess i wonder what difference it would make to know this? Tthat isnt saying it isnt worth asking

  • Well gee, silly, everyone that comes into contact with body fluids in their health service profession gets the vaccine. Think of others much?

  • Sorry never inoculated but did use to get fushot. Wait - maybe I was. Worked in school district was inoculated for every thing.

  • Do you know that according to occupational risk reseaarch data teachers have been concluded to have a higher risk for PD? Figure that oneooout for me.

  • I have never read any of this research so i was thinking of all the other factors that could influence the outcome like

    Is it the occupation or the personality type attracted to that occupation that is related to risk

    Are the occupation risks consistent across different countries

    If hairdressers and farm workers and health workers all have increased risk what is the common denominator/risk factor

    What ages are these stats for, do they apply across the life span

    I Wonder what categories of occupation would have been considered in Dr Parkinsons Day.

  • In my humble opinion, you exhibit no indication of a PD cognitive issue. :)

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